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Popular TV show Carte Blanche is South Africa’s longest running investigative journalism programme and on 24 April 2016, Bitcoin was the topic!  This is testament to the importance of Bitcoin and the fact that it is changing our financial world. It is great to have this exposure for Bitcoin and the feature was hugely positive and powerful! 
Bitcoin is relatively new so not many people are aware of what this new technology is bringing the world.  The more people are informed and educated, the more consumer adoption, the more demand for Bitcoin which will ultimately drive the price higher.
Bitcoin is the most exciting development since the invention of the internet. The Smart money is moving into Bitcoin, Countries, Large Corporations and Banks are investing millions into the development of the blockchain which is the technology behind Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a digital payment asset that is going to change the way the financial world operates plus empower so many people around the world who do not have access to traditional banking. There are many advantages with Bitcoin such as time and cost saving when moving money across border to moving your Fiat currency (paper money) into bitcoin, capitalizing both with the rise in Bitcoin price and devaluation of Fiat Currency – the Rand in South Africa’s case.
Bitcoin is the People’s Currency and the blockchain is public for anyone to see.  Thank you Satoshi Nakamoto wherever and whoever you are, what an awesome gift you have given the world! 
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Here is an article by Carte Blanche supporting the TV Broadcast
and the actual show below..

carte blanch



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