What are Bitcoin Faucets?

Have you ever heard of Bitcoin or Crypto Faucets?  So, what are they and are they becoming more popular?  


Crypto Faucets are websites that have a reward system for users who complete the tasks or captcha.  A captcha is a computer program or system that checks whether you are human vs a bot which can automatically extract data from websites, in the case of faucets, cryptocurrency.  Humans win in this case!



Are Crypto Faucets a “get-rich-quick” scheme?  Typically they are not as only small amounts of the cryptocurrency is rewarded.  However, when the price of the cryptocurrency rises, the value of those small amounts earned when the currency was at a low price could become a considerable amount over time.


Some Bitcoin faucet users generally allow their earnings to build up and only then transfer larger amounts to their wallets in order to minimize the transactional mining fee.


However, there are faucets that pay immediately into a wallet which can then be transferred out to exchanges or other wallets with a minimal fee.  These are generally Faucets that are built around new cryptocurrencies with lower value at present.  Faucets are a great opportunity to claim these cryptocurrencies for free and HODL until the price moves upward.



As cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin, is relatively new at just over 9 years, there are many people who still do not know what it is or have never heard about it.  This is where faucets come into play. People can start to learn about cryptocurrency without risk. No money investment is required to get started with a faucet and this draws many people to sign up.


Many faucets provide information on Bitcoin or the crypto in questions, and some have interactive chats where people can ask questions or comment.



Faucets are a great way for people to get involved and learning about the digital economy.  Faucets present NO RISK to the users, only the opportunity to gain free crypto to build their personal crypto portfolio – FOR FREE!





So, why do Faucets give away free coins?  It could be that the cryptocurrency that is being rewarded requires more adoption and thus, more wallet accounts opened or mostly, it is because the most popular faucet websites host a lot of advertisements, either pay-per-click / pay-per-impression or affiliate links where they would earn a commission should a purchase be made.  This is the revenue that is generated for the faucet site that keeps the faucet running free for users.


A Win-Win for all… and gaining in popularity!  


So, if you have been wondering how you can dabble with cryptocurrency and learn more, now is the time to find out the risk-free way.  What do you have to lose?



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