What is Bitcoin? Fully Explained in the Big Bang Theory


Now, are all these technical Bitcoin explanations flying over your head? This, very funny, story explains what Bitcoin is and also highlights the importance of keeping your Bitcoin safe.





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What is Bitcoin, really?

There are those that are seriously interested to know more about what Bitcoin is, you can get all that information right here:


In this article:

Part 1 – An introduction to, What is Bitcoin?

What can I do with BTC?

How much do I need to know to be involved with Bitcoin?

Legal requirements

Part 2 – How is Bitcoin processed

Part 3 – How to trade with Bitcoin

Part 4 – How to store your Bitcoin

Part 5 – How to make money with Bitcoin

Part 6 – Bitcoin mining

Part 7 – Conclusion

Part 8 – Resources


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This e-book on Amazon explains what Bitcoin is, it explains that Bitcoin (BTC) is a virtual currency, digital, not physical, and independent of banks. Useful links and resources for the newbie and advanced Bitcoiner or cryptocurrency enthusiast.




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