What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?


We get back to basics to help you understand what Bitcoin is and how it can impact your life.


In this video, we answer the following questions:

What is Bitcoin?
Who created it?
Who controls Bitcoin?
How does Bitcoin work?
Why is Bitcoin called deflationary?
Can I make money with Bitcoin?
How easy is it to transact in Bitcoin?
How do I buy Bitcoin?
What is Bitcoin mining?
Is Bitcoin legal?
Can Bitcoin be regulated?
What are the disadvantages of Bitcoin?
What are the advantages of Bitcoin?
I would like to learn more, where can I get help?




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This e-book on Amazon explains what Bitcoin is, it explains that Bitcoin (BTC) is a virtual currency, digital not physical, and independent of banks.  Useful links and resources for the newbie and advanced Bitcoiner or cryptocurrency enthusiast.


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