Why Bitcoin and why Bit-Tec

My name is Mervanwe Smith and I’m just an ordinary woman living in South Africa working my way to financial freedom.

Towards the end of August, early September 2015 I was introduced to bitcoin. I learned what they were and “invested” (that term really very loosely used by the way LOL) with bitcoin into a HYIP. That term and “investment” instrument was also very new to me at that time.

Well to say I have had a huge and steep learning curve from then to now would be a massive understatement of epic proportions … oh wow.  What a journey it has been.

One of the things I can tell you with an absolute belief is that bitcoins is truly the currency of the future , that we have access to right now.  I have learned so much and it my mission to get the information out there to the other ordinary people what Bitcoins are, how to use them, how to protect yourself from fraudsters, why stay away from the HYIP that is out there and how to really invest with a long term view of securing our future financially.  So that we are not limited by the common way of doing business and saving that is kind of run by banks and banking institutions, who charge a fortune to have the “privilege” of using their facilities and their financial instruments that make you …. drum roll please …… 4 – 14% with a loss of capital and should you need to borrow anywhere up to 28% interest is charged. (I will cover what I mean by loss of capital later)

No I am really fed up and done with that.  So “done” with that!  Unfortunately I do still need the banking industry for the time being as I build my wealth in bitcoins.  But now I have a plan and know that my financial future is a whole lot brighter.

For those of you who really need more help in getting started with bitcoins, I will write a separate blog post and include links to find out what they are, where to get them, how to store them and the like.

So let’s get down to the topic I wanted to discuss today and that is “Why bitcoins and why Bit-tec”?  Well I think I have alluded to the “why bitcoin” earlier.  But basically the main reason is that Bitcoin is a digital currency that can cross all boarders with no cost of transfer.  It is not controlled by any government or organisation. It is the people’s currency. It is in its infancy and we have the privilege to get in while it is still pretty new. (Sort of like when Google started :O) imagine where you would be today if you had jumped in when that started up)

So then why Bit-tec, in fact what is Bit-tec?  As I mentioned earlier when I first got involved with bitcoin, I had no idea what I was doing at all.  I tried HYIP investments and lost money, I tried cloud mining and lost money.  I even learned to buy and sell bitcoin. My passion now, my mission as it were, is to help others avoid the losses I and many, many, many others have made and rather go into the more safe, relatively risk free bitcoin financial future.

One of the facts I did not understand in the beginning, was the future value of a bitcoin. I had no idea about its worth at all. As I write this article, the price for a full bitcoin from XAPO is $435.99.  When I bought my very first bitcoin it cost me (using today’s exchange rate) $236.71.  That was ONLY 8 months ago and it has had an 84% increase in value.

Oh my goodness if I had only known then what I know now.  If I had just held onto that bitcoin and done absolutely nothing else, I would be in profit.  But no, oh dear no, I invested in into a HYIP and lost it.  Arrr but I then got “wiser” and moved onto cloud mining – but alas, yip lost it all there too.

So that is where Bit-tec comes in.  In this program, you can decide whatever you want to invest – in the real sense of the word – from $100 upward. The medium is bitcoin.

How it works is you invest the bitcoin, or part of one, and that is held by the company for 12 months and then returned to you, not in terms of USD but in terms of bitcoin. Guyz that is big, really big as you will see.

As an example, let’s say you join the program and invested $500 worth of bitcoin at today’s value ($435.99) which would be equivalent to 1.1468 in bitcoins.

Now this is where the magic happens okay.  

2 ways you gain by investing with bitcoins and in this example, with Bit-tec;

  1. 2% Monthly Interest

You get 2% interest on the USD value of your investment, in this example, $500 = 24% per year in USD terms = $120 pa.  

No bank will give you that, well none that I know of that is for sure.

The stock exchange can get you better returns than a bank, but you then add risk. But even then, last year in South Africa I believe the average rate of return on the stock exchange was around 15%. And a side thought on this is you need a broker really, you wouldn’t easily be able to do the investing yourself and certainly not with low entrance level capital.


So if all we had as a positive was the interest rate –  it is still a no brainer, right?


  1. Inflation Buster and Real Capital Growth.  

The value of the 1.1468 coin today = $500.

The value of the same coin in 12 months time is going to be far more than it is today.  Sources have estimated that the price of bitcoin is going to soar to around the $1,200 mark in 12 months time.

If we use this prediction in this example, then our 1.1468 would be valued at $1,376.16 in 12 months time.


So in contrast then, if you had just done the normal investment into a savings account or maybe a Fixed Term Deposit, what would your $500 be worth in 12 months time in buying power? Taking into account that inflation and devaluation of the Rand in South Africa, it is forecast the net effect will reach 48% for that period …. so at the end of the 12 months you would only have $260 worth of buying power.


Now that is a sad state of affairs for sure.

Let me just put those two figures side by side for you –

i)Bitcoin = $1,376.16  OR  ii) traditional  Cash/bank = $260.

You choose and that is the issue, it is a choice.


Need I say any more?  We are encouraged to save for a rainy day or our old age, but if we only had the cash/bank option we would be fighting a losing battle right? Right. NOW, truly is the time to get into bitcoins and secure your financial future.


Should you want more information or want to find out how you could get started with Bit-tec, please feel free to drop me an email – bizinfosmith@gmail.com or go ahead and click http://bit.ly/1U2xFXd

Whether or not you join us in Bit-tec, I am trusting that you found value in this article, that it has at the very least, opened your eyes to the reality of future value, gain or loss. With this kind of knowledge you can make a real informed decision to secure your financial future.

Till next time ……

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