Why you should sign John McAfee’s “Declaration of Currency Independence”

John McAfee has thrown down the gauntlet and signaled his commitment to the crypto cause by announcing his plans to pay for every signature to the charter known as The Declaration of Currency Independence.


Quoting John McAfee:

So everyone understands my commitment to The Declaration of Currency Independence: I have paid and will pay everyone’s transaction fees for signing this document on the Ethereum Blockchain. I have pre-paid $30,000 into an escrow account.

Please sign.https://t.co/kHnMiGICmJ

John McAfee (@officialmcafee) May 25, 2018




Why should we care?

It seems that there has been a concerted crackdown on Bitcoin and the cryptoworld since January 2018 which prompted us to ask this question:


Will regulators and banks kill Bitcoin?


In an exclusive with AMBCrypto, John McAfee spoke about the intention behind the Declaration of Currency Independence, and the factors that caused its signing.


In the declaration, he mentions certain ‘unaccountable individuals and institutions’ that are the cause for the systematic oppression of the masses. When asked about these parties, and whether they had passed the point of no return, McAfee said that they were corrupted by power. He went on to compare their corruption to that of gangrene, as it was irreversible.


Full story: –   Exclusive – Corruption no less than gangrene is irreversible – John McAfee


In a recent video on Twitter, John McAfee asks his followers to free themselves from the yoke of ‘subtle and refined slavery’. He then proceeded to state that cryptocurrencies were the way for the masses to regain the freedom to claim the sweat of their brow.


So if you are interested in freeing yourself from “modern financial slavery” – sign the “ The Declaration of Currency Independence.


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