Announcing the scheduled global freeze of Mr.Exchange’s Ripple gateway

Mr.Exchange: a Ripple gateway in Japan, will activate global freeze on June 11th, 2018.


Fukuoka, Japan – Mr.Exchange Inc. announces “Mr.Exchange (formerly known as Mr.Ripple)” a Ripple gateway service is scheduled to activate global freeze, which disables all trading and exchanging, effective on June 11th 2018 . Globally freeze will officially commence on June 11th, 2018. Afterwards, IOUs issued by Mr.Exchange will be less valuable and can no longer be used to trade or exchange.


Mr.Exchange service will stop all trading and exchanging functions on June 11th, 2018. Accordingly, Mr.Exchange’s Ripple gateway will execute global freeze. After the global freeze, issued IOUs of Mr.Exchange (formerly known as Mr. Ripple) will not be available to trade or exchange. The remaining IOUs can only be sent back to Mr.Exchange’s issuer address: rB3gZey7VWHYRqJHLoHDEJXJ2pEPNieKiS.


After June 11th, 2018, Mr.Exchange (last name Mr.Ripple) IOU holders are recommended to contact us through email at to process remaining IOUs. Mr.Exchange support staff will guide users through this process which could differ for each holder, depending on their condition in accordance with the Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds in Japan.


Mr.Exchange is scheduled to stop all cryptocurrencies and fiat deposit operations as well as sign up function from 9th May, 2018.



The ceasing of our operations is due to Mr.Exchange’s Cryptocurrency Exchange Licence in Japan is still pending. Mr.Exchange plans to re-apply after a couple of months. However, Mr.Exchange’s IOUs will have less value due to global freeze being set on June 11th, 2018. Mr. Exchange sincerely suggests all of our IOU holders to exchange the remaining IOUs into native XRP currency or IOUs issued by another gateway.


Source : Mr. Exchange Inc.

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