B9lab Launches INSIGHT to Further Blockchain Learning


Leading Online Blockchain Education Provider Offers Unlimited All-in-One Access to Courses


London, UK —  B9lab, the world’s leading provider of blockchain education and training with a global community of more than 14,000 students in over 160 countries, has unveiled INSIGHT, an annual subscription to all of B9lab’s non-developer courses with the option of certification.


The annual subscription, priced at €854, includes unlimited access to all INSIGHT courses such as Blockchain Fundamentals, Blockchain Economics, Blockchain for Decision Makers, Blockchain in Production and Supply Chain Management, with its Regulation in Blockchain course due to be launched in Q1 of this year.


Damien Ducourty, co-founder of B9lab, said

With the exponential growth of the blockchain industry, there is currently a shortage in blockchain talent which is impeding businesses from capturing the strategic value of blockchain and limiting the wider deployment of the technology. The demand for blockchain-trained personnel is on the rise year after year, so there is a need to bridge the gap immediately.

Our INSIGHT courses are for anyone seeking a deeper, more nuanced understanding of blockchain technology, and are designed to benefit a non-technical audience. Each course has a special focus on a different business area, with the aim of enabling participants to make mission-critical business decisions with confidence,” he continued.


Founded in 2014, B9lab aims to demystify the blockchain field by helping decision-makers prepare for technological disruption, and certifying developers to drive that change. Alongside providing blockchain education, B9lab also offers consultancy, advisory, and talent services to help organisations find the best technological and professional fit for their blockchain projects.



Citlali Mora Catlett, INSIGHT’s main instructor at B9lab, said

Today, B9lab is the only online blockchain academy on the market that combines in-depth instructor-led training and an industry renowned blockchain certification programme. We have certified students from the ages of 15 right up to 72, with qualification for certification requiring a grade of 80% or higher. B9lab alumni are unequivocally best-in-class, as we believe that for highly automated decentralised applications and digital asset handling, quality is paramount.

At B9lab, we also aim to offer the widest possible range of different blockchain technologies to provide a well-rounded educational experience, and we are protocol neutral, meaning that no single technology stack is favoured over all others,” she continued.


B9lab has also worked with high-profile corporate clients including AMEX, INTEL, Santander, Coinbase, and Airbus to bring blockchain to their businesses with hands-on workshops and online courses. It is an official member and training partner of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA), Hyperledger, and the Linux Foundation.


For more information, visit https://b9lab.com



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