Blockchain-Enabled International B2B e-Commerce Ecosystem Export Portal & Announces First Brand Ambassador in Vietnam

HANOI, Vietnam & LOS ANGELESMay 25, 2018 /PRNewswire/After a successful three days at the Vietnam Expo in Hanoi in April, the Verified Businesses Only e-Commerce ecosystem Export Portal is announcing their very first Brand Ambassador as a part of their continued global expansion.  

Ally Spinu, CEO of Export Portal is pleased to announce that Mr. Nguyen Tan Dat, CEO of Sunstar Group (SAO THÁI DƯƠNG) based in Vietnam will be Export Portal’s first Brand Ambassador of  Ms. Spinu stated, “As a part of our continuing efforts to grow our global team, we could not be more pleased with Mr. Dat’s commitment to take the leadership role for Export Portal as our Brand Ambassador in Vietnam.”


Mr. Dat said, “The promise to help businesses across Vietnam is at the heart of what SAO THÁI DƯƠNG (Sunstar Group) also seeks to achieve and is the focal point of our Development Strategy.  We found Export Portal’s plan to be a perfect fit and look forward to making Vietnam a success for this developing e-Commerce platform.  South East Asia is hungry for new ideas to reach new markets and Export Portal will open doors.”


Ally Spinu continued, “Our first steps in Vietnam are very important and we are delighted with this new relationship and establishing an office at Sunstar’s facility.  As Export Portal continues its global search for our next Brand Ambassadors, we believe Sunstar Group’s Hanoi-based office will be the perfect template for the type of well-connected individuals we are looking for in other countries around the world.  Just because our technology is based on a private blockchain backbone, doesn’t mean we have anything to do with cryptocurrency.  Our belief is that real businesses with global ambitions will migrate towards a technology and company that believes in legitimate opportunities.  Verified Businesses In, New International Relationships Out.”



About Export Portal &

Export Portal and provide an international B2B e-Commerce platform including blockchain-based communication and trade execution, escrow-enabled buying, first-time trading expertise, 24/7 support as well as certified manufacturer and buyer options.  Get to know Export Portal with this three-minute video:



Being cheated by nameless faceless address changing Baddies is more expensive than registering for free today:  Only verifiable buyers, freight forwarders manufacturers and sellers allowed.



Sunstar Group is a leading company in Vietnam investing in green businesses (probiotic agriculture, bamboo, new renewable energy).  The Group is also investing in Global value chain (GVC) business that aims at promoting production and distribution of a good or service at a global level.  Sunstar Group committed to building sustainable businesses that could bring benefits to shareholders, society and the Earth at the same time.


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