BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION and KOOPHub Istanbul Announce Partnership to Support Blockchain Startups and Enterprises in Turkey

Swiss-based accelerator, BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION has partnered with KOOPHub to assist startups and enterprises launch blockchain projects and raise capital through token-based fundraising launchpad.


Zug, Switzerland — BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION, a Swiss-based global accelerator program designed to build blockchain start-ups and enterprises into successful businesses, has announced a strategic partnership with KOOPHub to support blockchain startups in fundraising, project implementation, and expanding into global markets.


Comprised of a team of seasoned blockchain entrepreneurs who have built and continue to build their own projects, BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION offers great insights to enable early-stage startups to succeed and raise capital through STOs, including traditional venture capital (VC), and private equity placements. 



Stefan Deiss, Founder and CEO of BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION, said,

We are very pleased to join forces and establish a strategic partnership with KOOPHub in Turkey – a leading independent community enabler and innovation hub for tech startups and enterprises. With our international team of experienced blockchain entrepreneurs and practitioners, we look forward to assisting startups in Turkey to build the next generation of blockchain-powered businesses and raise funds through various methods, including asset tokenization.”


In its mission to accelerate blockchain startups and enterprises worldwide, BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION is setting up ‘Propulsion Hubs’ across key strategic countries. The partnership with KOOPHub will enable the program to tap into the fast-growing blockchain/crypto market in Turkey – the country with the highest per capita ratio of cryptocurrency ownership among European countries, according to the Statistica Global Consumer Survey for 2019. KOOPHub will guide local startups to be accelerated through BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION’s program towards expanding into new markets. 



Mustafa Baltaci, Co-Founder of KOOPHub, said,

Turkey is a powerful market with robust demographics, strong retail market, and dynamism. We are witnessing the emergence of local startups that are leveraging Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. Enterprises and investors are increasingly cognizant of the value that can be generated with such innovation. We have been actively involved in Blockchain programs for nearly two years and now in a strong position to usher new projects into global markets. The experience, commitment, and expertise of the founding team at BLOCKCHAIN PROPULSION is impressive and our partnership with them will be invaluable to us moving forward. With our collective intellectual capital, we will accelerate prospective blockchain projects in Turkey and neighboring markets with a proven program of mentorship, design, advisory, compliance, technology, and global business development.”



This partnership with KOOPHub represents the latest step in our ongoing efforts to facilitate blockchain innovation on a global scale. We have the experience, tact, and know-how to assist projects at crucial stages of their development, and look forward to collaborating with the KOOPHub team to fuel further growth in Turkey’s already vibrant blockchain ecosystem,” concluded Deiss.


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