Blockchain Technology can rule IoT

The first international IoT Blockchain Camp in Valencia, Spain, is a five-day event that looks at the potential of blockchains managing rules for objects in the physical world, as well as digital assets.



More than 70 participants will join IoT Blockchain Camp, which runs from April 11-15th.


It will look at five key topics: smart cities, Energy, Tourism, Transport, and Health/Sport. Technologies covered include robotics, A.I. and machine learning, (AIML), embedded systems, smart contracts and oracles, data acquisition and off-chain systems.



It will also look at the pros and cons of private vs public blockchains, as well as several technical seminars to explain the technology and how it should work, there will also be a 48-hour non-stop hackathon where attendees can apply their skills to real problems. 


The organizers believe that blockchain is about much more than buying and selling tokens. Their opinion is that  Blockchain, will transform our lives for the better — and the way to do this is to connect blockchain to the real world.


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