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DOGE. the cryptocurrency that started off as a joke, has had a massive surge this week rocketing to a 6 month high after news that a DOGE / Ethereum is in progress that will make it possible for DOGE holders to transact on the Ethereum blockchain.



The sudden rise in the crypto’s price has left many to speculate that the bullish trend is a continued reaction to the recent alpha release of Dogethereum, a Dogecoin-Ethereum bridge. Simply put, the bridge uses the “Superblocks” concept to move coins DOGE to ETH and a “collateralized” bridge to move coins ETH to DOGE.


Initially, however, plans were in place to launch Dogethereum as a separate digital asset, with the ticker DOGX, through a hard fork. Eventually, the communities decided not to split the Dogecoin chain.



The team will be demonstrating the new bridge on Wednesday and could lead the coin to newer highs.


Full story:   Dogecoin skyrockets to over 6-month high ahead of Dogethereum demo 



EOT / WAVES Bridge



Another coin that has been a pioneer with this idea of bridging between blockchains is EOT Coin. EOT operates on its own blockchain but can be traded on the Waves Blockchain as well via an EOT / WAVES Bridge. EOT Coins on the EOT Blockchain and EOT Tokens on the Waves Blockchain are interchangeable at a 1:1 ration via a service named SWAPFOX.



EOT has had a number of exciting developments over the last 3 months with a number of new initiatives which are certain to support the long-term value of EOT.  A few of the developments below:


EOT Wallet / Exchange

The EOT Wallet / Exchange provides online wallets as well as an exchange for Bitcoin, EOT and a number of Altcoins. There are currently more than 20 coins listed on the EOT Exchange


EOT Hodl Program

Another initiative that is sure to support the EOT price is the EOT Hodl Program in which holders of the currency can earn daily income by holding EOT in their wallets. The program is popular not only because of the daily payments but also because there is no lock-up period. You can trade or withdraw your coins at any time


EOT / Waves Bridge

As mentioned before, this bridge makes it possible to exchange coins between blockchains at a 1:1 ratio.  This can currently be done here.

These and a slew of other promotions are sure to add value to the EOT ecosystem that has a fast growing community.

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NEW!   DOGE / WAVES Bridge – Trade Dogetokens on the Waves Platform

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