CHECKITSREAL – First ICO round to close early

CHECKITSREAL is a Dublin based company who have developed an app-based ecosystem built on Blockchain technology which supports product verification, helping detect and eliminate counterfeit products.



Founded by a highly experienced team, CHECKITSREAL launched an invite-only ICO round on Friday 6th April.  This round was to finish on Fri April 20th.


Today, CHECKITSREAL are announcing that this round will close early, at noon, Tuesday 17th April.


Commenting on the change in plans, Charlie Sherlock, founder and CEO said “We have been really surprised with the level of subscribers which we have received during this round.


One of the key objectives of this round was the formalisation of our onboarding processes, in particular, KYC.  We are happy with the performance and adaptability of our backend systems, but we need to upgrade our KYC to handle the volumes and also to provide world-class identity verification.


We also need to perform KYC on those subscribers who are not already known to us, and this will take us some time.



In terms of numbers, the UK stands as the largest market for our subscribers and the vast majority of our subscribers choose PayPal as their preferred payment method.


One of the biggest positives for us is that we have developed a fantastic understanding of our community.  Facebook has proven to be our fastest-growing channel, with 26,000 followers in 3 weeks!


Martin Wickham, COO, commented “We are going to add additional features to our bounty program and we will significantly increase our marketing activities over the coming weeks.  Thanks to the invite-only round we have both the experience and funds to ramp up our campaign, and we will make some decisions on the timing of the next round over the coming weeks.


One thing that we have learned from the invite-only round was that our discount level (62.5%) was very well received!”.



About the ICO

Joining the token sale is simple.  Go to and click on the big ‘Click Here to Join the ICO’ button in the center of the screen.

Or click here

Subscribers can pay for their tokens using Credit/Debit cards, PayPal or Ethereum.

CHECKITSREAL is also offering a referral bounty scheme.  If you recommend someone, and they purchase CIR, you get 10% of their purchase added to your account immediately.

CHECKITSREAL are issuing 60 million CIR for sale during the entire ICO process.  9 million CIR are available in this round, priced at $0.15, 15 million CIR in the Pre-ICO, priced at $0.20 and the remaining 36 million priced at $0.30 during the ICO itself.

Join us and let’s make the world more Real.


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