CHECKITSREAL Launches Fake Medicine  ICO

5 April 2018 – For immediate release: CHECKITSREAL announced the launch of their ICO starting at 12 noon this Friday, 6th April.


According to the white paper, one Million people die every year as a direct result of consuming counterfeit medication


This round is an early invite round and is open for two weeks, closing Friday 20th April, 2018.



CHECKITSREAL is an app-based ecosystem built on Blockchain technology to support product verification and traceability which helps detect and eliminate counterfeit products.


Fake medication is the single largest market for counterfeiters.  The fake meds market is worth over $110 billion annually, with over one million people dying as a direct result of consuming fake meds.


Fake meds affect every corner of the world.  Frighteningly, up to 50% of medication purchased online is fake, and last year over 67 million Americans purchased meds online.




CHECKITSREAL sells it’s QR codes and services to Pharmaceutical and product manufacturers across the world.  These manufacturers pay for their QR codes and the CHECKITSREAL software using CIRTokens.



This means that CIRTokens are in constant demand and that the tokens themselves are be bought and sold regularly by Manufacturers.  This constant reselling of CIRTokens in the market will generate strong interest and hopefully result in the prices of the CIRTokens themselves increasing.


CHECKITSREAL is pre-selling CIRTokens (CIR), with 9 million CIR available in this early round.  CIR are available at a 62.5% discount in this round.




Joining the token sale is simple.  Go to the site and click on the big ‘Join the checkitsreal ICO’ button in the centre of the screen.


Or click here!


For more information read the White Paper or FAQ


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