CoinMirror Announces Beta Launch with Upgradeable Smart Contracts


CoinMirror Begins Mission to Fulfill the Promise of Democratized Investing


Berlin, DE: Today, CoinMirror, a syndicated ICO investing platform, announced that they have launched their Beta. After beginning development work only 4 months ago, CoinMirror’s mission to provide high-quality ICO investment access to retail investors looks primed for success.



Regarding CoinMirror’s upgradeable Smart Contracts, co-founder Dan de Sa said, “In a short period of time, CoinMirror has raced to the forefront of upgradeable Smart Contract development. I am immensely proud of Rick Chen, our founder, and the rest of the team. We began this journey in the hope of providing value to the crypto ecosystem, particularly retail investors who will be left behind as the industry becomes more professional. I am confident that we are delivering on this promise.”


CoinMirror has a lot more in the pipeline. They are currently developing the economics for a future token offering, growing relationships with strategic partners such as Catena Capital, BrickBlock, Blockrise, MetaCert and more, and working on a strong educational aspect of the platform. Additionally, they are working to connect ICO teams with Syndicate Leads to become the ‘go-to’ destination for quality ICOs seeking retail investors and future users. In this way, CoinMirror fulfills the promise of democratized investing and creates a two-sided marketplace: one for ICO teams and Syndicate Leads to source deals, and one for the retail investors who want access to quality dealflow.



About is a syndicated ICO investing platform designed to ensure that the average investor, regardless of available capital, will always have access to quality investment opportunities. The team has proudly bootstrapped from inception and eschewed the common cash-grab opportunities that the ICO ecosystem is thriving off of. Founded in early 2018, CoinMirror is set to launch with live transactions on the platform in July 2018. | Berlin


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