ConsenSys-Built Panvala Launches Mainnet for Donor-Driven Platform

The Ethereum community can now help decide which projects receive funding through Panvala


Austin, TX –– Panvala, a decentralized foundation, built by ConsenSys, that helps fund the work the entire Ethereum community depends on through their donor-driven platform, launches its smart contracts on the Ethereum mainnet, during Berlin Blockchain Week’s DappCon event on August 22.


The Panvala fund, which has already awarded three batches of grants since its launch in 2018, runs on its own token, PAN, and every three months, PAN token grants are released to select projects that are striving to build innovative solutions to improve the Ethereum network. 


Panvala Founder Niran Babalola said:

Countless projects and people depend upon the Ethereum blockchain for their success. Problems like security and scalability span the entire ecosystem, but there aren’t reliable business models to solve these problems that will affect millions (and even billions) of people’s lives. Contributing to Panvala rewards the teams who solve those problems.”




Thus far, Panvala has awarded three batches of grants to over 20 reputable projects ranging in scope from enhancing security and scalability to developing infrastructure on the Ethereum blockchain, including: Prysmatic Labs, Sigma Prime, and the Nimbus team at Status for their work on Ethereum 2.0 clients.


PAN token grants are funded by corporate sponsors, and by Panvala Patrons, notable members of the Ethereum community who make personal donations to further advancements within the ecosystem. A few Panvala launch sponsors include: MythX, Gnosis, Status, Tenderly, LevelK and Sigma Prime. In return for donations, Panvala’s donors earn the loyalty of the Ethereum community they are supporting.


For those who are interested in donating to Panvala, please visit to pledge your donation


Applications for the fourth batch of Panvala token grants are still being accepted through September 6th. Those interested can submit project proposals to



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