CPUcoin Partners with QoinPro for Airdrop to almost 2 Million registered accounts

CPUcoin Partners with QoinPro for Airdrop to almost 2 Million registered accountsQoinPro’s Wouter Van Der Schagt Joins CPUcoin’s advisory board as it builds a sharing economy for CPU power


SAN FRANCISCO – CPUcoin (cpucoin.io), developers of the sharing economy for CPU power, today announced a partnership with QoinPro to conduct an airdrop open to QoinPro’s almost 2 million wallet holders. CPUcoin pulls together unused cloud resources and restructures them into a vast, scalable network of highly available compute resources.


Initially, QoinPro users will receive airdrop tokens for achieving certain goals that are beneficial to the promotion of an upcoming IEO. In the near future, QoinPro wallet holders can “one-click” purchase CPUcoins with existing cryptocurrencies they already own, and also install CPUcoin’s DService platform to become a miner in the cutting-edge service that lets users earn money with their unused CPU/GPU power.


In addition, QoinPro’s Founder and Managing Director Wouter S. van der Schagt has joined CPUcoin’s advisory board. Van der Schagt brings with him over 20 years of professional, development, architectural and entrepreneurial experience and has been in the blockchain space since early 2011. He’s also a founder and managing director of PlannerScape.


QoinPro has reviewed the CPUcoin project and architecture and believes this to be the perfect match with QoinPro’s goals to provide real value to our wallet holders both in terms of unique token offerings, and new ways to earn cryptocurrency,” said Wouter van der Schagt, CEO of QoinPro. “After reviewing all the decentralized computing projects and meeting with the team at CPUcoin, we believe this to be the best solution to provide greater earning potential to our existing and future customer base.”



The partnership with QoinPro is a massive step forward for CPUcoin as it will help secure a vast network of miners while enabling every current QoinPro user to convert and purchase directly into the upcoming CPUcoin IEO with the click of a button,” said Sean Barger, Managing Director of CPUcoin. “We look forward to working with the team at QoinPro to provide new ways of accelerating crypto earnings.”


QoinPro is an online cryptocurrency wallet company with around 2 million accounts. Every signed-up user of QoinPro earns a little bit of cryptocurrency every day through rewards, and those rewards can be accelerated through specified actions per campaign. Every QoinPro wallet owner will be offered the possibility to make the high quality CPU/GPU throughput of their powerful computer available to earn CPUcoin. This presents a growth opportunity for CPUcoin as it prepares to launch its mainnet.


CPUcoin meets the computational requirements of all-sized enterprise clients. A critical success factor to this is the creation of a vast and reliable network of CPU/GPU miner nodes to power the initial Content Generation Network (CGN) and other decentralized services (DServices). Miners will provide excess CPU/CPU power in return for CPUcoin.


To learn more or to schedule a meeting with a CPUcoin executive please contact CPUcoin@transformgroup.com.