Cryptocurrency mining gives Cyber Cafe culture in Asia a new revenue stream

Cudo Miner launches platform for esports cafes with one of Malaysia’s largest chains


Cudo, UK and Malaysia, 27 June – To an internet or esports cafe, there’s not a great deal worse than an empty seat. Particularly for operations that work long opening hours, perhaps even 24/7, an empty seat and an unused computer is revenue that’s not being made. It was a challenge facing one of the largest gaming café chains in Malaysia. That whilst it had very notable peak periods – for instance, weekend gaming contests, and prolonged evening sessions of co-op gaming, questing and grinding – it still had ceiling room.


Cudo Miner worked with Jun, the owner, to help them beat the post-lunchtime lulls in business, and quieter times in the early hours of the morning. By working with Cudo Miner to mine cryptocurrency, Jun and his team are making money even when the cafes are empty. This was done without any further investment, other than the short time it took to install the software.


It took little time to roll out the tools across its network of computers and when the machines are not in use the mining software kicks in. When the machine is in use, it goes back to sleep.



The last thing we wanted during peak times was our systems slowing down and anything getting in the way of our customers enjoying their time with us. Cudo Miner couldn’t have worked better. It’s given us a very welcome stream of extra income, takes very little maintenance, and just quietly gets on with its work, without getting in the way”, said Jun the café owner

The Cudo team were also adaptive to what was needed, working with us to introduce a software feature that allowed an easier way to remotely deploy the software across the entire network of machines”, continued Jun.



This feature, key-based device authentication, is now available to other cyber cafes too, as Cudo Miner continues to evolve. An easy-to-use web console gave the cafe the control they needed over the Cudo Miner software, and also allowed it to keep track of what was being mined, and how much it was making. For top end gaming systems, estimate financial returns are as much as $30-40 per month per PC, and even lower spec gaming systems can expect to bring in $11-15 per month. All of this being extra revenue from existing resources, that can be set up and left, with no extra time or financial investment required.


Matt Hawkins, CEO at Cudo Miner, says:

When Jun approached us to say that our mining software beat the competition, we were excited to receive that validation. Esports is a million-dollar industry with millions of fans worldwide and gaming cafes are being set up all over the world. It’s an exciting and flourishing industry, but an expensive business to be in, with hardware and real estate costs. An unused terminal costs. Mining on computers that are not in use is a great way to help increase revenue and it’s great to see our software delivering this.”


The Malaysian café had been working with WinMiner until they announced the cessation of service effective December 2018. All other mining platforms were assessed and Cudo proved to be the best upgrade over what was in place before. 


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