Earn Daily Income with EOT

Announcing the EOT HODL Reward Program



EOT Holders can now earn daily income by holding their EOT currency in a wallet at EOTwallet.com.


As part of their EOT distribution program, EOTwallet.com will reward holders of EOT with daily Airdrops. This is exciting news for EOT holders because this is a way for them to earn income daily.


How much will you receive?


The HODL reward program will start with a 0.07% daily payout on the coins held in your wallet.

This is equal to 0.5% per week or 25.5% per year.  This is very nice income for the long-term holder of the currency.



What are the risks?


There are no restrictions on EOTwallet.com users, participation in the HODL program is free and you can withdraw your coins at any time.


How will you be paid?


Payment will be made with an Airdrop every day, into your EOTwallet.com wallet. There is no opt-in process, everyone with an EOTwallet.com wallet will receive a distribution as a factor of the EOT held in their wallets.



Are their other ways to accumulate EOT?



You can get Free EOT all the time by visiting the EOT Faucet,

Join the weekly Airdrop from Airdroppers.me

There will also be surprise airdrops at EOTwallet.com

You can Buy EOT if you are really serious about the prospects of the currency.



So, there is no reason to wait – start today by opening your EOTwallet.com account, it is free. Deposit some EOT and start earning daily.



Please note that EOTwallet.com reserves the right to increase or decrease the payout amounts at any time, this is a free fun rewards program and not an investment. The program can also be stopped at any time.


The timing for this will be limited so don’t delay, start right now and claim your daily FREE EOT.


For more information on EOT: – https://eotcoin.org

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