ECoinmerce Launches Rat Poison Squared Coin

SINGAPORE – ECoinmerce, the world’s first decentralized and tokenized E-commerce marketplace, today announces the Rat Poison Squared cryptocurrency. After receiving overwhelming interest in the humorous Rat Poison Squared clothing line, the company has launched a free token for Bitcoin enthusiasts to continue showing their support.



The token, which is available for free on the ECoinmerce website, has a total supply of 21M to mirror Bitcoin’s total supply. One thousand free tokens are available to the first thousand visitors to the site, to be followed by an additional 300 tokens for the next ten thousand visitors.



“If enough people agree something has value, it does. The same is true of greenbacks or gold, or Bitcoin or any other coin. Perception shapes reality, influencing everything from investments to the cost of goods and services. One person’s rat poison (or Rat Poison) is another’s potion for success,” said ECoinmerce COO Rex Chen.




Rat Poison now belongs to the public. Consumers can show – and wear – their support for this clothing line. They can buy the Rat Poison token, too. The choice is theirs to make, while supplies last.




About ECoinmerce


Founded in 2018, ECoinmerce is creating the world’s first decentralized E-commerce marketplace. Headed by a strong team of experts from the E-commerce, supply chain and product development industries, ECoinmerce will revolutionize how retailers market products to consumers and how consumers purchase these goods.


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