EOT, quietly creating the Economy of Things

New kid on the block EOT has quietly been creating what is being aptly called the Economy of Things.



The Economy of Things


We have all heard about the latest buzzword in the tech sector, IOT [Internet of things] with Billions of devices predicted to be connected to the internet in the next few years. A further development thought is that these devices are now becoming more intelligent with more processing power being added and connected artificial intelligence becoming a reality. The next step is the economic empowerment of these devices which will create a new economy which we call the “ Economy of Things.” Intelligent devices will have their own wallets and transacting with other devices as well as with humans. EOT is the currency positioning itself for the exciting new economy, the Economy of things.


Read the EOT business case here.



Human interaction in the Economy of Things


The “Economy of Things” will not be an isolated economy where machines transact only with machines but machine to human transaction will be essential in this new economy. Some EOT developers have grasped this and started to develop more tools for EOT users as well as creating levels of adoption that now spans worldwide.


One of the major developments has been a new platform, EOTwallet.com, a user-friendly online wallet that racked up 10,000 users in less than a month and experiencing exponential growth.



Stimulating the Economy of Things


EOT developers have grasped that adoption of the currency is crucial to the long-term goal of having an EOT Wallet in the hands of every person and in every connected IoT device with the capability to transact.


To “stimulate” the new EOT economy,  a massive distribution of EOT coins have been ongoing in the last 3weeks with Millions of coins distributed already, and this distribution is ongoing with a goal of getting thousands of people empowered into the EOT economy. The distribution is done with a combination of Airdrops and other giveaways. There is also a new EOT HODL program with daily a daily airdrop to EOT holders.


To further make EOT accessible to everyone, the EOT SHOP now provides an easy way to purchase EOT with a wide range of crypto from Bitcoin to even ERC20 tokens. Check it out here: – https://eotshop.com/. Anyone can start with as little as $ 1.00.



EOT is a pioneer with the idea of bridging between blockchains is EOT CoinEOT operates on its own blockchain but can be traded on the Waves Blockchain as well via an EOT / WAVES Bridge. EOT Coins on the EOT Blockchain and EOT Tokens on the Waves Blockchain are interchangeable at a 1:1 ration via a service named SWAPFOX.


The EOT Economy will further be stimulated with incentive programs for IoT developers and engineers to incorporate EOT encryption into their IoT devices and to add EOT wallets to smart IoT devices. A range of toolkits for hardware engineers are currently under development.



How big will the Economy of Things be?


With unlimited human intelligence merging with Artificial Intelligence in an interconnected world, an economy of Trillions will be created, unlike anything seen before, almost a Quantum Economic leap with an unpredictable size and wealth creation beyond our current comprehension. A fairy tale? Maybe, but look at the facts, billions of new connected devices, self-driving cars that might become self-owning cars, rockets to Mars, the mind boggles…

Join the Economy of Things…


All of us are part of the traditional Fiat Economy,

Some of us are now part of the Crypto Economy,

But now you can become part of the New EOT [ Economy of Things ],

Just start here…



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EOT, quietly creating the Economy of Things