Game On: Leading Blockchain and Gaming Companies Announce Formation of Blockchain Game Alliance


Alto, Gimli, Fig, Ubisoft and Ultra join forces with  B2Expand, ConsenSys, EverdreamSoft and Enjin to advocate for the democratisation of blockchain within the gaming industry



Lyon, France — The Blockchain Game Alliance, a coalition of blockchain and gaming companies committed to advocating for the democratisation of blockchain within the gaming industry, was announced yesterday at the inaugural Blockchain Game Summit, which brought together industry leaders within the gaming and blockchain space.


The Blockchain Game Alliance is made up of some of the most influential blockchain and gaming companies including Alto, Gimli, Fig, Ubisoft, Ultra, B2Expand, ConsenSys, EverdreamSoft, and Enjin. The Alliance aims to highlight the transformative nature of blockchain technology, as well as how it will bring about innovative benefits which will positively impact the gaming ecosystem.


From developers to players, the Alliance provides an open forum for all stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on research which fosters new ways to create and play games.



Commenting on the announcement, Dan Biton, co-founder of Gimli, said:

The Blockchain Game Alliance aims to leverage our combined skills and expertise to provide a bridge between blockchain and gaming in order to accelerate industry adoption. Alliance members will have access to extraordinary businesses with some of the brightest minds, in order to improve collaboration and disrupt the status quo, so the industry can best serve the 2.2 billion active gamers worldwide.”


The Blockchain Game Alliance also aims to develop common standards and best practices that promote the alignment and uniformity of blockchain integration within the gaming community.


Nicolas Gilot, Co-CEO of Ultra, said:

The Blockchain Game Alliance is advocating for a universal standard in the blockchain gaming space to create a more interoperable and transparent ecosystem which will benefit stakeholders, by furthering innovation and ensuring economic viability. 

Blockchain is redefining the gaming experience by providing transaction transparency and proof-of-ownership, while also bringing exciting innovations and financial incentives to players. While the Alliance is still in its early stages, we are ambitious in our future plans and look forward to welcoming new members and unlocking the power of blockchain technology for the gaming community.”


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