GECKO Governance announces Trevor Koverko, Founder and CEO of Polymath, as New Advisor


Advisory board already boasts former CEO of Thompson Financial and former Senior Compliance Examiner for the SEC.

Dublin, Ireland –  GECKO Governance, which recently launched its new ICO compliance solution, GECKO Crypto1, has announced that Trevor Koverko, Founder, and CEO of Polymath, the security token launch pad, has joined its advisory board.



“I’m very excited to be coming on board as an advisor to GECKO Governance, which has launched the Crypto1 solution for the ICO and Token Sale space. With a depth of experience advising several successful ICO projects and innovative startups and businesses within the blockchain sector, I hope to bring some of my expertise to bear on GECKO’s journey to success,” said Trevor Koverko.


Trevor Koverko is a prominent thought-leader, entrepreneur, and business leader within the growing international blockchain sector. Koverko founded Polymath in 2017, with the overall aim of disrupting the securities industry by creating an open platform which grants businesses access to blockchain, smart contract, and token creation technology. The platform serves as a launch pad for companies hoping to create and issue security tokens, automating the complex legal and technical functions of a token sale, and connecting token investors, KYC providers, smart contract developers, and legal experts with companies hoping to generate security tokens.



Prior to Polymath, Trevor Koverko was a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, blockchain speaker, and cryptocurrency investor. Koverko was also the founder of, an online education platform, and Digital Assets International, a world-leading tech private equity firm. As a prominent investor within the international blockchain sector since its early days, he has invested in dozens of ICOs and served as an original advisor and investor to the $30 billion USD Ethereum project. Koverko has also served as a prominent industry spokesperson at a number of major blockchain events, including The North American Bitcoin Conference and seeded foundation projects like Ethereum, Aion, QTum, Hive, EOS and Shapeshift.


“Trevor Koverko is one of the most well-known entrepreneurs within the blockchain space internationally. This is a result of his unparalleled experience as both a successful CEO and as an advisor to leading blockchain companies around the world. We are confident that his expertise and experience will serve as a strong addition to the overall strength of the GECKO Governance team and its advisory board,” said Shane Brett, Founder and CEO of GECKO Governance.


GECKO Governance has already introduced Jeff Parker, former CEO of Thompson Financial, as well as Dan Viola, current Partner and Head of Regulatory and Compliance Group at Sadis & Goldberg LLP and former Senior Compliance Examiner for the SEC.


“This industry is growing at a momentous pace, and there is a place within it for innovative companies like GECKO Governance who want to ensure that industry actors remain accountable and compliant. GECKO Governance has already brought on a number of notable innovators as advisors to ensure the success of the Crypto1 platform. I am looking forward to seeing the Crypto1 service offering have a real impact upon the space, ensuring the industry can enjoy sustainable growth for the benefit of all market participants,” concluded Koverko.


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