Hack the DAO: Blockchain Startup Daox to Announce a $100K Hacking Contest


Daox, a blockchain startup that is developing a platform and ecosystem for ICOs based on the concept of a decentralized autonomous organization, has announced the $100k hacking contest to prove that their DAOs are safe.



According to the rules, participants should either find a way to completely freeze or steal the funds that reside on a DAO’s Ethereum smart contract. The first person to complete the objective would be unconditionally rewarded with a $100k prize in bitcoins and get an offer to join their team.


The safety of funds is probably the most important concern for those projects that are going to fundraise via cryptocurrencies, especially after the latest Parity incident when Ether turned out to be completely stuck in the Ethereum smart contract.


On top of that, the credibility of a DAO concept suffered a negative impact after the famous “TheDAO” hack when the attacker managed to steal a vast amount of Ether, which consequently led to the hard fork in the Ethereum network.


Daox Project will obviously need to put a lot of effort to make their users feel safe, and this contest might be considered as a good start for that.


More information at – DAOX CONTEST




The rules are simple:

1. There is a DAO created using the Daox Platform (an Ethereum smart contract with funds in it).

2. The objective is either to make the funds to completely freeze, or to transfer them to your Ethereum address.

3. The first person to complete this, would be unconditionally granted with a $100k prize in Bitcoins and an offer to join our team as a security expert.

The address of the DAO:

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What should I do after I completed the objective?
Send us a report at info@daox.org.
2. Why wouldn’t you store a reward in a DAO?
Because one of the objective also includes the disruption of DAO (completely freezing the funds).
3. What if I have found bugs that are not affecting the funds?
Drop us a line and we will discuss this.
4. What if I have more questions?
Please, don’t hesitate to contact us at info@daox.org with any questions.


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