How to AIRDROP and market your ICO token or cryptocurrency

One of the major hurdles faced by ICO’s (Initial Coin Offerings) is the adoption of the token or coin in question. In order to increase the value of the coin/token, it is essential to the success of a project or coin that potential users or investors are engaged, wallets downloaded and the coin/token transacted with.


A popular method to create awareness is to make use of “AIRDROPS”.


What are Airdrops?


Airdropping is a process whereby a cryptocurrency enterprise, startup or ICO distributes cryptocurrency tokens to early adopters free of charge.  Established cryptocurrency exchange platforms and wallet services can also carry out airdrops.  Some are expected, others are by surprise!


Various tasks would be assigned to the airdrop and on completion, the crypto enthusiasts would receive free cryptocurrency (coin/token)  into their wallet.



Often managing the airdrop would be carried out by enterprises geared to run the process, such as


As they state on their website, “Take advantage” and build your cryptocurrency portfolio for FREE, who knows, you may even stumble upon the next Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash or LiteCoin.  ICO or new coin project teams, Take Advantage too! One of the most important factors to get your token or coin adopted is to introduce your project to the community using the airdrop system.”


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ICO project teams – get the news regarding your crypto and project out there!  Contact the and set up your Airdrop today!



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