How to promote an ICO

ICO innovation is here!  Initial Coin Offerings, commonly referred to as ICO’s, continue to emerge in this dynamic and exciting market and billions of dollars have been raised by these types projects.  

ICO’s are a new way in which to raise funds for a new cryptocurrency or blockchain startups.  A percentage of the cryptocurrency is sold to early backers of the project in exchange for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.



One of the most important aspects of an ICO is reaching potential investors.  Recently, FaceBook, Google, and Twitter announced a ban on ICO advertisements on their networks thus making this task more difficult for ICO project teams.



So how do ICO’s reach potential investors?

News should be FREE as it is written for the people by the people.  As a result of this philosophy, Bit-Media offers the following FREE service to ICO teams.  


Submit a Press Release and project update



Write a one-page, or 400-500 words, a document that is to the point and clear, avoiding making it sound like a sales pitch. Do not use industry jargon but rather make it easy for readers to understand the article – make sure this article is free from errors as Bit-Media will copy and paste.  All press releases and project updates will be published on the Bit-media website, Bit-Media mobile app (see images of mobile app) and social media platforms.


Promotional ICO videos

Videos are uploaded to YouTube, published on the Bit-Media website and shared with the Bit-media audience.  Should you wish to have your ICO video showcased on Bit-Media, contact us.


Take advantage

Many ICO project teams are taking advantage of the opportunity offered by Bit-Media and news of ICO projects are reaching potential investors.  



Disclaimer:- It must be noted that Bit-Media publishes news and does not endorse the ICO’s published on its various platforms.  It is incumbent on the potential investor to do their due diligence before investing in any ICO or cryptocurrency.


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