How to turn your blog into a bank


Are you a blogger? Looking for a way to monetize your content? Why not turn your blog into a bank.


How to turn your blog into a blockchain bank – Before you start you need to understand the concept of blockchain and we will show you how you can use the EOT blockchain to turn your blog into a bank.


What is a blockchain?

The EOT Blockchain is an immutable record of all EOT transactions, stored on a network of computers thus creating a distributed ledger of all transactions.



How Does the EOT Blockchain Work?

When EOT started a first version of the record in the ledger was created and stored in what is block 1 or otherwise known as the Genesis block.

All information on the blockchain are stored in files which are encrypted, in the world of cryptocurrency, these files are known as wallets.

Every file/wallet has an identifying address on the blockchain called its public key. This key is known and is public information. There is, however, a second key which is called the private key which is only known to the user/owner of that specific EOT Wallet. To send a transaction from a wallet, the owner of that Wallet needs to sign the transaction with a private key. Once the transaction is signed by the valid owner it is recorded.

In the case above, the ownership of the wallet has been verified by the private key but what stops the owner sending a false transaction.

Thus we need a verification process, this is called mining.

We are not going to go into a full explanation of mining in this post but you can read more about it here:  What is the EOT blockchain



What is EOT?

EOT is a fully fledged open source cryptocurrency and is decentralized.  EOT coin has been developed for IoT (Internet of Things) such as devices and applications connected to the internet, and other products to secure and authenticate data. EOT acts as a cryptocurrency while the algorithm is used for cryptography and authenticity.  

For more information on EOT



How to add blockchain banking to your blog or website

With the EOT blockchain you can change a website or blog into a crypto bank by allowing users to open EOT wallets, deposit, withdraw and transfer EOT on your website. Seamless peer to peer blockchain payments with no third parties required and no restrictions or borders.

For an example of an EOT Wallet – Click here


If you are a website or blog owner and interested in turning your site into a crypto bank then contact EOT Ventures via email and they will get you started.


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