JIENEM launches Blockchain-powered travel project ‘Discover X’ in Seoul, Korea


Korean travel startup JIENEM had a successful DISCOVER X HOTEL meetup for hoteliers on September 13th, in Seoul, Korea


Korean travel startup, JIENEM, hosted a grand meetup ‘DISCOVER X HOTEL’ on September 13th in Seoul, Korea according to JIENEM officials on September 17th. More than 50 hotel brands’ CEOs, representatives, and high-level executives participated and showed significant interest at the event.


At the meetup, JIENEM explained how blockchain technology can impact the hotel and travel industry, and debuted its blockchain-powered travel project called ‘Discover X’.


CEO, JUN HO LEE, describing the direction and vision of ‘DISCOVER X’ project

Since the proliferation of internet more than 20 years ago, the global online travel agency (OTA) industry has grown with it, culminating in a few giant global OTAs comprising more than 66% of the global online travel market share today. As their influence and power grow, the intermediary commission they charge has augmented and becomes a substantial burden on the hotel industry.




COO, SUK MIN (TYLER) PARK describing the ‘DISCOVER X’ Project’

As a veteran in solving problems for the accommodation vendors, JIENEM has studied the hotels’ challenges and now come up a new blockchain-enabled travel platform that, first and foremost, does away with this unnecessary and inefficient intermediary in the OTA industry, together with their commission, through decentralization. During the meetup, JIENEM has invited hoteliers to embrace the new idea and give their support to building a new travel ecosystem together.


JIENEM has also revealed its recent purchase from SKTechX a global travel review app called VOLO which has over 500,000 monthly active users globally. JIENEM officials announced they will upgrade the app to a travel e-commerce platform, with the addition of JIENEM’s existing 1,200 inventory of guesthouses and hotels as well as the implementation of the blockchain technology to it.



Head of Business Operation, Roi Kim, describing the online travel industry

Kwon Dae Wook, advisor at Accor Ambassador Korea, said after the event

Tonight’s meetup is meaningful in many ways. We learned how the blockchain technology can adapt to the online travel and hotel industry. We saw potentials of the new blockchain-based travel ecosystem and how it can solve many problems in the hotel industry. I think JIENEM can become the global online travel platform, and I look forward to seeing the development of JIENEM and Discover X.”



Q&A session, with CEO, JUN HO LEE, answering questions from the audience

Jun Ho Lee (28), CEO of both JIENEM and Discover X, said:

We are taking it step by step to build the new blockchain-powered online travel platform, by acquiring the global online travel review app VOLO as well as by passionately recruiting talents. We ask the hotel industry to join our blockchain initiative, build the new travel ecosystem together. We will keep communicating and sharing ideas with the travel community to the benefit of all travel stakeholders including travelers and travel vendors.”


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