LQDEX Exchange to Be Featured Fox Business Network


New York City – “New To The Street” business television show announced today partnerships with six blockchain and cryptocurrency brands, including inter-blockchain exchange, LQDEX.



New to the Street has outlined interviews with “blockchain game changers” in their new segment, “Exploring the Block.”


Exploring the Block will feature regular interviews with LQDEX co-founders, Yogesh Srihari and Sergey Nikitin. New To The Street’s host, Ken Evseroff, will speak to the cryptoprenuers about developments with the exchange, the market need for decentralization, cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, among other things.


“LQDEX is thrilled to educate the public on the benefits of fair and secure exchanges. For cryptocurrency to flourish, the public must share the vision of decentralization,” said Yogesh Srihari at press time.


New to the Street regularly airs at 10:30PM PST on Fox Business Network.


“The show helps brand both public and private companies about their businesses. We are happy to add ‘Exploring the Block’ to our programming, as it’s a natural extension to our business.” stated Vince Caruso, CEO of parent company, FMW Media Works Corp.





LQDEX (pronounced “liquid-ex”) is a decentralized trustless cross-chain digital asset exchange. It allows trading of digital tokens across multiple blockchains without counterparty risk. The system does not use atomic swaps and does not require modifications to the existing blockchains. It runs on its own high-speed POS blockchain without miner fees.




New to the Street potentially reaches approximately 100 million homes in the United States and more than 5.3 million homes in Canada. Planned programming for each week is updated at www.NewToTheStreet.com.



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