Neironix steps into the Asian Market gaining Top-ranked International ICO and Blockchain expert as Advisor


The Neironix team, with the strategy of risk reduction, while investing in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and Blockchain start-ups, continues to build expertise by inviting world-famous leading specialists to the project.



In one more stage of development, Neironix is inviting a top-ranked international expert on venture investments, Vice-president of “Korea Venture Business Association” (KOVA) and the specialist in interaction with Blockchain start-ups Kim Tae Chul as an adviser to the project.


The Asian Blockchain market, undoubtedly, plays a leading role in the development of cryptocurrency technologies and the implementation of alternative payment systems in various economic spheres. Most of the people in the developed Asian countries have savings in digital currencies right now and receive income from them while the region pursues the setting policy of legalization of cryptocurrency and Blockchain technologies.



Kim Tae Chul as a top-ranked expert of the world cryptocurrency market and a specialist in interaction with Asian ICO projects and digital start-ups, is interested in qualitative changes in the structure of the market of Blockchain-technologies, increasing of its transparency and minimization of investment risks.


Kim’s communications, his enthusiasm, and involvement in the process together with Neironix innovative solutions, no doubt, will give benefit to the Blockchain community. This benefit comes from an income increase from investments in ICO with maximum risk reduction in cryptocurrency operations.


Currently “Korea Venture Business Association” (KOVA) closely interacts with the other South Korean “technological giant” – INKE (International Network of Korean Entrepreneurs) which has agencies in 47 countries and is connected with more than 14000 high-tech start-ups including those that are made with the help of Blockchain technologies. The symbiosis of innovative techniques of Neironix risk management, KOVA deployed network of start-ups, together with Kim Tae Chul’s ambitions and enthusiasm can give the Blockchain-community fundamentally new solutions to benefit increasingly while investing in ICO projects.


Source and more information:  Neironix

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