Pillar Project Announces Summer Unconference in Vilnius

London, United Kingdom – 27th March, 2018 – Pillar’s unconference – billed as the ‘Woodstock of crypto’ – to attract over 500 blockchainers to the Lithuanian capital – The Pillar Project, a Swiss-based non-profit building the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency and token wallet, will hold its annual summer unconference in Lithuania at the Vilnius Grand Resort, 15th – 22nd July, 2018.



The Pillar unconference is an unstructured, crowd-sourced event for entrepreneurs, technologists, the Pillar community, and those interested in learning more about cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and decentralized technologies.


David Siegel, CEO and founder of the Pillar Project, commented: “Last year, 70 developers and entrepreneurs came to our first unconference in Slovakia; we anticipate at least 500 Pillaristas to attend this year. At Pillar, we are building a culture of radical openness, trust and joy; our event is open to anyone excited by blockchain innovation and entrepreneurship.”





This year’s unconference will focus on e-commerce business owners who want to connect and build tools, middleware, or infrastructure on the Pillar wallet platform. Entrepreneurs and Pillar pioneers will explore opportunities to be the first in their categories of interest. David will give his famous “Business Agility Workshops” with lectures and exercises on startups, ICOs, self-management, decision science, and tokenomics, as well as his vision on the future of the Pillar wallet. The unconference will also have a ‘devcon’ track for blockchain and smart contract developers to meet, collaborate, and showcase their latest work and insights. The conference includes the Pillar token-holders’ general meeting.


Euros Evans, CEO of Etch Foundation, brought his whole family to last year’s unconference in Slovakia after reading about it in the Pillar newsletter. “It was memorable, I learned a lot about blockchain from very talented and experienced people. I will definitely come to the next unconference, even if it takes place on the other side of the world.”


The unconference includes a program for children to explore the region and learn from local animators while parents attend the different tracks. Pillaristas will be participating in other activities, including golf, local tours, and a party at the famous medieval Trakai castle; attendees will also be given the option to close the unconference with a crypto excursion to St. Petersburg after the event.


Blockchainers are encouraged to sign-up early: https://pillarproject.io/unconference2018





About the Pillar Project


The Pillar Project, a non-profit foundation in Switzerland, is building the world’s best cryptocurrency and token wallet that will evolve to become your personal digital assistant. The project promises to empower individuals through decentralized technology and help them take ownership of their personal data.


About David Siegel


David Siegel is a serial entrepreneur, web pioneer, prolific author, and founder and CEO of the Pillar Project, building an open-source “smart wallet” in London. David led the Pillar team to a successful ICO in 2017, raising over $20 million and making the Pillar token sale one of the most successful grassroots fundings in history.


David wrote the worldwide bestseller “Creating Killer Web Sites,” which to this day remains Amazon.com’s longest-running bestselling book. In total, he has written five books about technology and business. He has given over 150 speeches and started over 20 businesses. He is the author of The Token Handbook and is an internationally recognized thought leader in innovation, blockchain, tokenomics, business, and startups.


Source – Pillar Project – press@pillarproject.io


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