Representatives of world’s leading corporations to speak at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Astana


On October 17, event dedicated to cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and ICO – Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Astana – will take place in Kazakhstan. Smile-Expo, the organizer of the conference, invited leading specialists of top companies to share up-to-date information first-hand.




The purpose of the conference is to form a uniform platform for communication between the experts from all over the world which is dedicated to the development of blockchain technology, the cryptocurrency market, and the ICO sphere.

Among the first speakers of the conference, there are members of the following companies: 




  • KPMG


One of the conference speakers will be the head of Tax and Legal KPMG in Kazakhstan and Central Asia Rustem Sadykov. KPMG is among top largest global corporations that provide financial and consultancy services. The company is one of the so-called Big Four biggest audit companies. It also advises customers on the blockchain technology. Members of corporation offer consultations on the conduct of ICOs and compliance with AML and KYC policies.


  • Deloitte


Representative of another Big Four company, senior consultant of Transaction Support Department of Deloitte Baurzhan Shalbayev will make a presentation at the event. The expert will speak about the use of blockchain in the banking sector and share advantages of integrating the technology in the financial industry. Deloitte provides services in the field of audit, taxation, and finances. Besides, the company offers counselling on innovative applications of blockchain for financial risk management.



  • IBM


Senior IT architect of IBM Mikhail Korotko will join the speakers to talk about the use of the blockchain technology in the financial sector. Apart from the well-known software and hardware projects, the company develops innovative blockchain solutions, including a framework to develop Hyperledger Fabric apps


  • BlockchainKZ


President of the Association of developers and users of Blockchain technologies BlockhainKZ Batyrbek Umarov will also make a report telling about blockchain evolution in Kazakhstan. BlockchainKZ aims to improve the economic level of the country using digital technologies. The association facilitates the promotion of blockchain in Kazakhstan and creation of favourable conditions for market development.





Opinion leader in the field of blockchain, investor, and founder of EXCAVO Eugene Loza will speak about cryptocurrency trading. The company provides assistance in the understanding of the cryptocurrency market and gives consultations on investment issues.



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The detailed program and more information about the event are available on the official website.


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