Republic Crypto Adds Two New High-Promise Startups to Crowdfunding Line-up

Anyone, anywhere can invest in newly-integrated startups in compliance with SEC


New York, NY — Republic, the crowdfunding platform democratizing investment access to startups and blockchain projects, has announced the addition of new high-promise blockchain startups Nori and Quarters to its cryptocurrency platform, raising the total number in its portfolio to five.


The new additions to Republic’s platform will increase access to investment in promising startups for both accredited and non-accredited investors, as well as venture capitalists, and provide companies with a crowdfunding alternative to the lengthy and complex Initial Coin Offering (ICO) process.


Republic CEO Kendrick Nguyen said:

Republic is dedicated to supporting a diverse range of high-potential startups from around the world and we are delighted to now offer our community access to two more such companies. By partnering with Republic Crypto, Nori and Quarters will now gain access to our SEC-regulated and direct-to-investor capital raising framework. These companies can also benefit from the fact that anyone, anywhere can invest in the startups supported by Republic; a key factor in achieving mass adoption and early startup success.”


Upon integration to Republic Crypto, the startups can begin the crowdfunding process, opening their companies up for investment from both seasoned and less experienced investors. Republic is registered with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and licensed with Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), ensuring that the crowdfunding process is completed in an entirely compliant way.


Quarters is the universal gaming currency for video games, founded by 12-year-old cryptocurrency prodigy George Weiksner. With a single wallet, players can transfer their Quarters across various video games and platforms, instead of abandoning their tokens in one game in order to play another. Through its partnership with Republic, Quarters has already met its minimum fundraising goal.


Nori is a blockchain-based marketplace fighting climate change by incentivizing and verifying carbon removal from the atmosphere. Based in Seattle, Nori will be open to the Republic community with a minimum investment of $10 USD — the lowest amount on the platform. This gives anyone the ability to invest in the fight against climate change.


To date, 95% of the campaigns on Republic have been successful, and startups have raised millions of dollars in funding and doubled their userbases over the course of their campaigns.  Republic institutes a highly-selective due diligence process, with just one out of every 30 startups that apply chosen to join the platform. While anyone can be an investor, Republic only selects startups that are exceptional in their mission and growth potential to support.



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