Revolutionizing the Travel Industry with Blockchain Technology

Berlin, Germany / The travel industry is about to be revolutionized with blockchain technology, the Future of Tourism – TravelerToken

Imagine a world where you can travel to any country you like hassle-free, without having to worry about carrying foreign currency, poor conversion rates, or the hefty services fees. Imagine a decentralized system that connects both travelers and the service providers, ergo eliminating all unnecessary costs and allowing you to spend more on the experience and less on the intermediaries.




Spend Less, Travel More


Such is the slogan of TravelerToken, a revolutionary blockchain-based payment system for the travel industry which minimizes costs for customers and maximizes profits for providers.


The TravelerToken ecosystem is essentially comprised of a consortium of participating travel companies that are connected by blockchain technology. This creates a shared technical and economic infrastructure that allows businesses to improve the quality of their services and recapture the value that they generate through the use of cryptocurrency.


TravelerToken users will also benefit from nearly free transactions as well as a simpler procedure to book peripheral services by accessing partner platforms directly through the TLT website. Moreover, they will also have the ability to perform service optimization searches with the machine learning algorithm incorporated on the TLT platform.


Furthermore, there will also be several specialty programs for users of the TravelerToken ecosystem. The TLT Debit Card allows travelers to spend their TLT tokens anywhere will participating merchants without having to worry about currency conversion. Even if there is no participating merchants in the travel destination, TLT debit card holders can also withdraw FIAT currencies from any ATM around the world.


The other benefit would be the Loyalty Program, which allows users to accrue reward points whenever they spend on things like travel, cars, shopping, finances or leisure. Once they have accumulated enough reward points, users can proceed to spend their points on flights, hotel bookings, car Rental, WorldShop, or gift cards.







Blockchain to Ensure Transparency and Security


By incorporating blockchain technology, TravelerToken is able to create a secure payment method that is not limited by national border. In its essence, the TravelerToken ecosystem serves as a bridge between the real world and the blockchain as it provides absolute transparency and accountability when it comes to international transactions.


The use of a cutting-edge distributed ledger technology (DLT) also allows transactions to be made almost instantaneously, removing the need for there to be a “2 – 3 business days” disclaimer in the travel industry.


The emergence of TravelerToken will most certainly revamp the way the travel industry is today, as it fills the gap between consumers and producers in the tourism industry.


“The majority of international travel suppliers working on blockchain strategies are looking for a seamless solution like our ecosystem,” TravelerToken states on their official website.




The TravelerToken ICO


The TravelerToken ICO will be held in two stages – the pre-sale, which started on April 23, as well as the main-sale, which starts on May 21. TLT tokens will be sold at a price of 0.0002 ETH apiece, and the ICO ends once the hardcap of 100,000 ETH is reached.


Visit TLT’s website

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