Satoshi United’s UnConference in Dubai – USD100k in prizes for Blockchain Innovation


After a successful First edition in Singapore, Satoshi United –  “The biggest UnConference in the blockchain world” – Is hosting its second edition in the Middle East, taking place on 22-23rd October 2018 in Dubai.



In order to encourage innovation in blockchain, Satoshi United hosts a segment called “Pitcher Perfect”, where the participating ICO‘s and blockchain startups have a chance to win 100,000 USD prize money in investment by pitching a breakthrough innovation in-front of judges and an audience which includes the top notch influencers of the industry, blockchain experts, advisors and investors. Yet again, in Dubai, Satoshi himself (pun intended) will be giving out 100K in prizes to the best ICO pitch.


This is one of the few programs helping the most innovative ICO‘s get the initial funding to kick-start the process and opportunity to create a buzz in the blockchain world. All the startups present at the Satoshi United Pitcher Perfect competition get the platform to educate the blockchain world and the biggest influencers experts of the industry about their innovation.   There is the opportunity to network and meet the teams behind the innovation through the various networking parties that Satoshi United organises in the span of the 2 days of the most exciting festival of blockchain.


This event is an extremely valuable platform to connect with Blockchain influencers, discuss latest trends, as well as exchange ideas with the top executives of the industry. Satoshi United is on a global event series that will be conducted in every major country of the world.




Dubai is currently the most active hotspot for the Cryptocurrency industry and they are embracing the blockchain technology by implementing it in its vital departments.


The Satoshi United event is dedicated to celebrating the success and deliberating the future of blockchain technology.  Satoshi United features the most respected and influential people of the industry. The list of speakers includes an incredible and diverse mix of up to 40 international speakers — from Fintech, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and many more industries.  More on this is available on the website.


The panelists & attendees will showcase their visionary developments in multiple sectors, such as governance and elections, e-commerce, and supply chain management.


Everyone at the event gets to lounge on beanbags, network over some exotic drinks while enjoying the keynotes speeches. The “UnConference” mode of the event includes exclusive yacht after-parties and the perfect relaxed environment to socialise and build investor relations.  Satoshi United provides an amazing Un-Conference experience.


As a special inclusion Satoshi United will be hosting a Sky-high investors soiree in Dubai, which will completely be dedicated to bringing all the investors and blockchain visionaries under one roof. This is an exclusive, investors only gathering and only a few visionary start up teams will get the chance to attend this event. If you wish to be a part of this gathering and you think you make the cut to be present here, just contact the Satoshi team on the details given below.


Right now some special early bird offers allow a savings on ticket purchases for attendees.

For more information – contact the team on

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