Smart Contracts: The bright future has arrived.


Nowadays you won’t surprise anybody by bringing up cryptocurrency during your lunch break. Today is just the right day to begin developing daily habits in order to take advantage of all of the amazing possibilities of blockchain. Just think of a situation in which a person goes through the inheritance procedure. You might have seen that many times on TV, and we hope that you haven’t actually experienced it yet.



Well, going back to the situation, depending on the laws in your country, it will still take you more than 1 year to solve all of the bureaucratic issues involved in eventually becoming a rightful heir. It’s just something that we aren’t inclined to question because it sounds pretty normal and acceptable for us. But what if we told you that there was such a thing as a last will Smart Contract? It gives you a chance to transfer savings in cryptocurrency to family or friends in the event of sudden illness or death. No notary, no court – just an instant transaction of cryptocurrency to the ones you love.


If your whole body has just tensed at the word court because the hell of your last divorce has sucked the life out of you, then the Marriage smart contract was something you probably missed when you planned your perfect future together. Spouses decide how to divy up their assets, and what’s more important – they decide when they can get their investments back. Could be a minute, could be 2 years.


Another situation in which Smart Contracts keep you timely is when you have a feeling that your crypto obsessed cousin is about to get one year older but you always forget exactly when. You can ensure you don’t lose your family’s respect within 10 minutes, the average amount of time needed to create a deferred payment Smart Contract to set up an automatic funds transfer (or a bill payment).



MyWish Smart Contract Platform created 6 Smart Contracts which cover plenty of circumstances (the aforementioned contracts were all about that). Also, Smart Contracts give any Blockchain platform a chance to improve and make their service a lot more secure and reliable for their customers. Users don’t have to be capable of complex coding, ready for use Smart Contracts will protect their assets, safety, reputation and so on.


The phenomenal collaboration of MyWish Smart Contract Platform with NEO, an open Network for Smart Economy, makes it possible for anyone to create a Smart Contract written in C#, Java and Python programming languages without even having coding skills. It can’t be denied that this feature is pretty unique and admirable. MyWish Smart Contract Platform integrated the main principles of NEO to make NEO’s Token Smart Contract real, understandable and affordable for those who are interested. From now on NEO with the help of MyWish is providing you with the most reliable and secure ready for use Token Smart Contracts.


It seems like the bright future has arrived.


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