Swiss Loyalty Ecosystem qiibee Announces Partnership with Italian Retail Association Confimprese


Italian retail powerhouse forges a strategic partnership with the company behind Crypto Valley’s first proof-of-concept Lattessocoin


Zug, Switzerland — August 21, 2018 — qiibee, the Swiss loyalty token protocol which helps brands around the world run their loyalty programs on the blockchain, has announced a partnership with Italian Retail Association Confimprese.  



This strategic partnership allows qiibee to harness the power of Confimprese’s extensive relationships with some of the world’s most renowned brands across the homeware, electronics, entertainment, clothing, F&B, and health and wellness sectors.


Confimprese’s members include fast food giant KFC, coffee maker Lavazza, and the largest publishing house in Italy, Mondadori. Disney, Pandora, and petrol station network, Agip, which has more than 6,000 points of sale in Italy, are also listed among its customer base.


Founded in 1999, Confimprese aims to protect the interests of companies within the association by supporting their development both in Italy and abroad. Today, the Italian Retail Association represents more than 300 commercial brands, 30,000 points of sale, 600,000 operators, and its member companies account for 16% of total retail turnover.  


Having worked in the retail industry for more than 20 years, I have witnessed industry challenges, opportunities, and trends that go hand-in-hand with running a business. What qiibee are doing is revolutionary, and I am convinced that this is the type of development that is necessary for the next generation of retail companies in Italy to evolve,” said Mario Resca, President of Confimprese.


Loyalty programs today have a call-to-action issue as most customers are only compelled to think about loyalty points at the point of purchase. With qiibee, the customer journey is turned on its head as loyalty points remain at the forefront of customers’ minds, driving them to make purchases and propelling them to be advocates of the loyalty ecosystem. Repeat custom is the basis of traditional loyalty programs, however this often results in customers waiting a significant length of time to claim a free coffee for example. With qiibee, customers are presented with a greater variety of reward options, including the ability to exchange their loyalty points for cryptocurrency or fiat, which could potentially rise in value,” he continued.



qiibee’s services have already been offered to Confimprese’s 300 members, with negotiations ongoing.


Co-founder and CEO of qiibee, Gabriele Giancola, said qiibee’s protocol not only enhances security by using blockchain technology, but also allows customers to earn real value by enabling them to sell their loyalty tokens for other cryptocurrencies or fiat.


Within the qiibee ecosystem, customers will always have full control of, and transparency about, their loyalty programs and tokens. We want to offer Confimprese and its member brands the possibility of engaging with blockchain technology without the need for cost-intensive integration for brands or an upfront investment for customers,” Giancola concluded.


About qiibee

qiibee, the Swiss loyalty token protocol, helps brands around the world run their loyalty programs on the blockchain. Founded in 2015 by Gabriele Giancola and Gianluca Giancola, qiibee builds on strong expertise, existing partnerships, and in-depth knowledge of the loyalty sector.

qiibee’s blockchain plug-and-play solution supports businesses, giving them full flexibility to create their own loyalty programs on qiibee’s protocol.

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About Confimprese  

Confimprese is the leading Italian Retail Association made up of modern trade companies with franchising and direct networks.

Founded in Milan in 1999 by eight members, with the aim of supporting franchise companies, today Confimprese represents more than 300 commercial brands, 30,000 points of sale, 600,000 operators, and 16% of the retail turnover.  

Confimprese’s mission is to protect the interests of the companies within the association by supporting their development in Italy and abroad. Confimprese’s services include institutional relations, internationalization, networking, and retail services.


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