The Blockchain will Change Everything Forever

Digital Catapult: – The Blockchain: Change Everything Forever.

We’ve all heard about the Blockchain and being serious about Bitcoin all of us really want to understand it. So when we saw Digital Catapult promoting a video, The Blockchain: Change everything forever, we decided to investigate by attending a  Digital Catapult event in London.

What is Digital Catapult?

A Catapult is a technology and innovation centre where the best of the UK’s businesses, scientists and engineers can work side by side on research and development, transforming ideas into new products and services to generate economic growth.

Catapults add an important new dimension to complement existing research and development programmes established by Innovate UK.

All catapults use the power of people and organisations working closely together to unlock opportunity, reduce innovating risk and speed new products and services towards commercial reality.

Catapult centres will help businesses to adopt, develop and exploit innovative products and technologies. They offer concentrated expertise, access to cutting edge equipment and specialist facilities to develop and test ideas in reality.

Suggestions about engaging with Digital Catapult [ from their website ]

There are lots of different ways that you can work with Digital Catapult. We are here to collaborate with startups, small and large businesses, academia, innovation clusters and the public sector. Please subscribe/follow us to find out the latest about what we are doing and how you can be involved.

These are the ways you can get involved:

Take a look at Digital Catapult’s Open Calls to see the latest collaborative opportunities available. We are based on open innovation – so across every year we will be putting out calls to our network – via our newsletter, Twitter, websites and through our partners to ask for people to collaborate with us.

Meet us
Come along to one of our Coffee Mornings  held at our Digital Catapult Centre to find out about what we’re working on and explore potential opportunities.

Join a project or a Pit Stop
We have a number of projects running across the year around our technology layers, where we ask for collaboration and want people to get involved. These include Pit Stops – a highly focused open innovation activity designed to accelerate the growth of new ideas.

We have a calendar of events, designed to inform, promote and facilitate innovation, collaboration and networking – please take a look at our events calendar and sign up to attend. If you would like to speak at a specific event, you can email our Events team at If your query relates to hiring space at the Centre, you can contact us here.

Become part of one of our networks
We’re building a series of UK-wide networks, including our Personal Data and Trust Network and IoTUK. 

Be part of our Showcase
If you are a startup or a small to medium sized business, you can also submit your product for consideration for our Showcase programme. We will be putting out quarterly calls around a specific theme, to enable SMEs to showcase their products and technology to visitors at Digital Catapult Centres. These will be announced via social media and our newsletter.

Other ways to get involved
Click here.

We found he event at Digital Catapult very informative about the blockchain and were surprised about the amount of application outside of the financial industry. This specific event was focused on blockchain application in the creative industry and was attended by more than 100 blockchain enthusiasts.

Watch the video, The Blockchain: Change Everything Forever, below..


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