The Caasiope Network is the first cryptocurrency-as-a-service blockchain

The Caasiope Network is the first cryptocurrency-as-a-service blockchain (CaaS). It is built as a layer 2 protocol designed to process cryptocurrency payments across blockchains through a single-entry point. The Caasiope Network makes it possible for everyone to build multiple services on top of its native protocol to facilitate interoperability between blockchains.




The growing adoption of blockchain technology has led to multiple issues in terms of scalability and fees. In fact, the most well-established blockchains already struggle to satisfy the increasing number of transactions, leading users to compete on the fees for their transactions to be processed in time.


The Founders of the Caasiope Network truly believe that mass adoption of distributed ledger technologies would mark a positive revolution in our digital society. However, this revolution will not turn into reality unless payments in cryptocurrencies can be transacted quickly and in a cost-effective manner.


In order to achieve this goal, the Founders are firmly convinced that the solution lies within the broad adoption of layer 2 technologies. A well-designed layer 2 blockchain can offer very strong security with minimal third-party trust, using an alternative consensus mechanism best suited to match the characteristics of a layer 2 blockchain.


The Caasiope Network makes it possible to execute cost-efficient multi-currency payments, via its layer 2 public blockchain. As it develops, the Caasiope Network will gradually cover most of the use cases relevant to individual users and small businesses.




The Caasiope project is led by Guillaume BONNOT, former BTCC Exchange Chief Engineer. He is dedicated in searching for alternatives to the proof of work consensus and democratizing the blockchain technology.


Guillaume has gathered a team of experienced blockchain developers, already active in building the Caasiope Network. The full team will be disclosed in the coming weeks.



Within the next month, the Founders of the Caasiope Network will publish the White Paper along with the open test network. The first service built on top of the Caasiope Network will be a multi-currency wallet.



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