The Five S’s of EOT

EOT aka the “Encryption of Things” is an open source, decentralised cryptocurrency.  The original EOT source code is freely available and may be redistributed and/or modified.  Anyone can get involved with this useful crypto – buy, trade, mine, build businesses around the currency or encrypt devices and things connected to the internet (IoT).


There is an opportunity for Entrepreneurs and Developers with EOT.  The mission of EOT Ventures is to develop the EOT cryptocurrency by providing incentives and investment to develop technology and business ideas that will utilise EOT.  More information – EOT Ventures



Here are the 5S’s of EOT:-


#1 – SEND


EOT is digital and can be sent from and to any EOT wallet held globally, fast and securely. EOT has no borders.  Open up a wallet and send some EOT to your family and friends. Step one is to sign up for your EOT wallet here.


#2 – SPEND


EOT is an open source cryptocurrency that is used as a payment system.  All transactions are recorded and tracked on the EOT public blockchain.  The first product to be purchased with EOT was a cryptocurrency hardware wallet and secure digital banking device, Swiss Bank In Your Pocket.



#3 – SAVE


EOT is deflationary as there is a capped volume of 200,000,000.  With diminishing supply and increasing demand, the value of EOT will rise.  


A word of caution… as the value of cryptocurrency is increasing, it is becoming very attractive to cybercriminals.  Ensure you secure your EOT safely by being in control of your private keys.




EOT, applied in IoT devices and things connected to the internet, secures against viruses, malware and hackers.  Billions of IoT devices, Billions of EOT wallets.

We are living in a world that is becoming more and more connected. With the advent of devices and things that are connected to the Internet [IoT] and Artificial Intelligence [AI] – the need for Encryption methods to protect against cyber attacks is growing in importance.  






EOT is a cryptocurrency that has a very strong use case, the “Encryption of Things” and as a payment system.  Besides the fact that EOT is deflationary, the value of EOT will rise as entrepreneurs build businesses around EOT  – could EOT be the sleepercoin everyone dreams of?   Do you suffer from FOMO or know anyone else who does?  Share this information with your family and friends – don’t be the guy who misses out!  *FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out – learn more crypto terminology here.


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