These new kids on the Block(chain) want to democratize Startup Investing

CoinMirror Beta Now Live on the Ethereum Mainnet

BERLIN, July 20th, 2018 — CoinMirror, a decentralized platform for ICO investments, has announced that its Public Beta is now live on the Ethereum Mainnet. Users can now browse ICO syndicate pools and back the ones of their choice. For the duration of the Beta phase, CoinMirror has waived fees for all transactions conducted on the platform. CoinMirror’s mission is to break down investment barriers and giving power back to the people, aiming to fulfill the promise of democratized investing by providing access and education.



The CoinMirror platform built on the Ethereum Blockchain, where retail investors can pool money behind an experienced investor, fund, or accelerator of their choice. Our upgradeable Smart Contract mirrors the investment decision of the expert, and equitably distributes all returns to all backers. With CoinMirror, investors leverage both the knowledge of an expert and the negotiating power of the larger pool of money to gain access to vetted ICO investment opportunities at the best prices.


Rick Chen

“I am extremely excited for the decentralized solution we have developed for CoinMirror, and the potential to help the general public get involved in good quality ICOs. We hope CoinMirror can contribute a lot not only in ICO investing, but also supporting the decentralized community in general, which is one of the reasons we donate 1% of the revenue to support the industry.” said Rick Chen, Founder and Tech Lead.


The CoinMirror team has a lot more in the pipeline for this year. Next up is the integration of a KYC/AML solution. They are also working on a Matchmaking platform for Syndicate Leads and ICOs to become the ‘go-to’ destination for quality ICOs seeking investors. This creates a two-sided marketplace: one for ICO teams and Syndicate Leads to source deals, and one for retail investors who want access to quality deal-flow. Additionally, CoinMirror is currently developing the economics for a future token offering as well as further features for the platform, such as Blockchain Analytics, ICO review services, and educational content.



An interesting fact from the Team

” Our team met at a Co-living space in Berlin, which is where our journey started. Our story will be featured on a German TV documentary this year. We have also been named “one of the hottest tech startups in 2018” by Startupnight, an initiative from Deutsche Telekom,”



About is a Berlin-based ICO investing platform designed to ensure that the average investor, regardless of available capital, will always have access to quality investment opportunities. The team has proudly bootstrapped from inception and eschewed the common cash-grab opportunities that the ICO ecosystem is thriving off of. Founded in early 2018, CoinMirror has managed to launch their Beta with live transactions on the Ethereum Blockchain.

For more information, visit and follow CoinMirror on Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.


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