True Innovation Enters the Instant Messaging Market – Blockchain Authenticated, Decentralized, Anonymous Messenger

Worlds First Blockchain Authenticated, Decentralized, Anonymous Messenger. The Crypviser Secure Instant Messenger is a Premium Communications Tool primed to fill the need for True Private and Secure Instant Messaging.



By combining the power of Blockchain Technology, and embracing decentralisation, Crypviser has created the Crypviser Secure Messaging Protocol. The core technology of Crypviser provides a new generation of automated True End to End encryption with disruptive authentication algorithms and public-keys distribution through the blockchain.




CSMP was developed to handle the challenges of a secure communication channel for IoT devices, medical wearable devices, autonomous vehicles, satellite Communications, and other technologies which require ironclad security and private data transfer.

The first implementation of this protocol was integrated into a Messenger, the Crypviser Secure Messenger.

Now, if history has proven one thing it is that the more secured something is, the more difficult it is to operate, however the Crypviser Secure Messenger is as easy to operate as the rest, though the level of security and privacy is unparalleled.

Crypvisers Automated Encryption* (patent pending) has taken all the complexity out of Encryption, giving the user a care free, user friendly experience. Crypviser Secure Messenger is packed full of Privacy features, unknown in todays instant messaging market.



Privacy Features:

Hide Chat: This gives the user the ability to completely hide all conversations with a contact. Unlike other messengers which shows in order, the recent conversations a user has had, hide chat Hides this information, showing no conversations have been going on at all.

Lock Chat: This feature completely Locks the ability for anyone to look at the users chats with certain contacts. Each Lock Chat is setup with a user created password, a unique password for each and every contact that one would like to lock.

Self Destructing Messages: This feature allows the messages that you send to Self Destruct after the receiver reads them. The sender has the option of deciding how much time the message will be viewable, anywhere from 5 seconds to 48 hours. These messages are destroyed on Both Ends, sender and receiver.




Blockchain Authentication:The most crucial aspect of CSMP is the Blockchain Authentication Model. By setting up contacts via Blockchain, the transfer of the Public Keys are Authenticated by the nodes on the Blockchain. Therefore the keys cannot be Altered, Manipulated, or exchanged for someone else’s. The user is assured that the person they are communicating with, is truly that person, and no one else, TRUE End to End Encryption. Crypviser is the first to implement this procedure, a real life use of Blockchain Technology, put into the hands of everyone.

Anonymous: Crypviser collects Nothing on the user. No mobile number, no e-mail address, no names. Without collecting any personal information, the user can be rest assured that Crypviser has no information to sell. Crypviser believes the best way to protect personal information is to “Not collect it in the first place.”




The Crypviser Secure Messenger is, hands down, the most Secure Messenger in the world today.

Encryption: Elliptic Curve Cryptology, Stream Symmetric Cipher, SALSA 20/20, SHA3–512 Hash, are all reliable technologies which are under the hood of Crypvisers Secure Messenger. Combined with Blockchain Authentication, Crypviser has given everyone a level of Security that had only been available to a selected few.

Decentralization: Because Crypviser is a decentralised network, there is no single point of attack, no single server to hack, shut down or block. Crypviser runs on a network of Nodes, spread out across the globe, allowing those who live in countries where Governments are prone to Block Messaging Apps, the ability to continue to communicate within their own countries, and continue to reach the outside world.

Intrusion Detection: Crypvisers Secure Messenger monitors access to your phones camera, microphone, monitor and keyboard preventing any form of attack.



User Features:

Unlimited Data Transfer:Unlike other messengers on the market with limited data transfer, Crypvisers Secure Messenger has NO LIMIT.

HD Video Calls: Fully Encrypted high definition video calls.

HD Audio: Crystal clear audio calls.

Customized Wallpapers: Allows the user to have a differnet custom wallpaper for each contact, if they so wish.

Encrypted, Private Chats all the time, every time: Crypvisers core belief is everyone has the right to Security and Privacy. By default, Crypviser is setup to offer the user the most private and secure communication on the planet. There is no “Private Chat” setting the user needs to activate, for each and every chat, call, video, data transfer, are secure, encrypted and private.

Cryptocurrency Wallet: Crypviser is the first messenger to incorporate a Cryptocurrency wallet. For those who have entered into the world of Cryptocurrency this is a momentous step in the aspect of sending and receiving and storing cryptocurrency. No longer does one need to copy and paste the long string of characters that represents a wallet. Since everyone of the users contacts have been verified via Blockchain, the contacts User Name is also their wallet address. Sending cryptocurrency is as easy as sending a photo.

There are many other features which are in the works, features that no other Instant Messenger has, and these features will be groundbreaking.



If you are concerned about your Privacy and are tired of hearing stories such as these:


Facebook confirms it spies on your Messenger conversations

WhatsApp Founder Admits to Selling Users’ Privacy to Facebook

Private chat app Telegram may not be as secretive as advertised

WeChat Shares Consumer Data With Chinese Government

WhatsApp, Signal group chats not as secure as users might believe



Now there is a honest option…

The Crypviser Secure Messenger is a Pay to use messenger. In lieu of offering their messenger for free, and then in turn making their money by selling off personal information, they have decided to make their money by Protecting users information.

 Let’s face it, if you are using a FREE instant messenger than you are not a customer, YOU are the product.


How much is your privacy worth?


Well, Luth Research, a San Diego company, is now offering companies an unprecedented window into the private digital domains of tens of thousands of people who have agreed to let much of what they do on a smartphone, tablet, or PC be tracked for a $100 a month.

The U.S Digital Advertising Industry claims that in 2016, the industry was able to generate value of approximately $240 per capita using “your” personal data to help fuel the digital advertising ecosystem.






Crypvisers Secure Instant Messenger is available for around $5.00 a month, €4.49, with discounts for 3–6–12 month periods. For under €44.oo a year people can enjoy Safe, Secure, and Private communication.


Is ensuring the privacy of your communications worth that much?

Is the privacy and security of your children’s communications (Everything a Parent Needs to Know About WHATSAPP) worth that much?

Is the security of your Companies communications (The Security Risks Associated With Instant Messaging In The Workplace) worth that much?

In todays world where Personal Information has become a commodity, we should do all we can to protect it. Everyone on the planet has a right to Privacy, a right to be Secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects. We have all been scammed, hoodwinked, taken advantage of, all for the use of a “Free” service. We’ve traded away our right to privacy, our right of security for an App.

An App….

Now there is a REAL choice.  Crypviser






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