“WBF World Blockchain Forum Shenzhen & World Blockchain Awards – Asia“ Was Successfully Held in Shenzhen


The curtain falls at Marco Polo Shenzhen on Jan 11th, 2019 to mark the successful event hosted by WBF and a team effort of several famous consortiums, including UBank and DUSD as the sponsors; co-organized by World Blockchain Awards, 3CBlock Club, Wall Street Topnew Finance, Juxiang Academy and  Juxiang Finance, World Blockchain Forum·Shenzhen & World Blockchain Awards·Asia gathered 500+attendees, 40+ speakers and 200+media. WBF Shenzhen was constructed by 30+ professional speeches and 3-panel discussions, dissecting the trend of technology and regulation development of blockchain from head to tail.


WBF Shenzhen kicked off with Miss Jokia Yin, Co-Founder & COO of WBF Event sharing insights of the WBF and the appreciation for all support WBF had received throughout 2018. As she stated, WBF London in March was a trail to see if there was a potential market of support in regards to the blockchain industry. WBF Singapore in June was the aggregation of all early efforts.WBF Jeju in September was the process of  disentangling truth from falsehood and WBF NY in November was the result for all deployments and hard work. In 2019, WBF had started the year in Shenzhen in order to assemble experts and authorities, building WBF as a top resource aggregator and top pick for roadshows.



Mr. Johnson Zhao, the Founder of WBF and Digital USD had shared his insights about the utility and influence of stable coin ‘DUSD, a stable coin that lasts for a century.’ “ The generation of Blockchain 2.0 had arrived. In this era of blockchain 2.0, the most essential prospect that needed to be considered is compliance. A blockchain ecosystem must be regulated in order to survive in the future.” Mr Zhao thinks that the world will be transformed and evolved through digitalization in the future, in which the core is Digital Economy, where stable coin creates massive value. “However, all of these must be regulated and legislated,” Mr Zhao added, “Or else blockchain would still be mentioned on different media publishes, but will never be able to be implemented successfully.”



The CEO of BankLeder.com, SHENTU QingChun had held a speech with the topic of ‘Borderless Opportunities of Digitalization – Trust Economy & Framed Organization’. He stated that blockchain technology, as a paramount element of Trust Economy; was mainly constructed by an open source database, decentralization and a consensus protocol. Blockchain would be able to bring value, such as multi-parties corporations, trade efficiency enhancement, trading cost control and transmission of value.



Mr William Gee, the partner of PwC (Risk & Control Services) in China specifically shared his insights on ‘Deployments of Digital Economy for Investment Institutions’. “The capital market has a great potential to improve with the help of innovative technologies. However, the usage and merge of all these technical functions of blockchain will determine how the market grows.” William also shared that blockchain will transform the nature of risk and asset management. The 3 trends at the moment are Digitalization and Tokenization, Automation and finally integration of different industries.



ZHOU ShiChao, who is a lawyer, compliance officer and also the Co-Founder of LionChain gave a speech on ‘The Supervision, Legislation & Regulation of Digital Economy’. He stated that blockchain and digital economy has just started to grow, while most countries are still trying to regulate them. Supervisions are categorized into 3 dimensions at the moment, including supervision of securities (US as an example), supervision of specific digital assets (Japan as an example) and entire forbidden supervision (China as an example)

Multiple speeches were given and hot trends were being discussed. The topics and contents brought new concepts to the venue. Recognition or definition of certain things had entirely changed and we have already entered a new era.



DUSD was registered in Wall Street. It was established by Digital USD, LLC. DUSD is severely supervised and protected by regulations, audited regularly by an independent third party, highly transparent and independent, and most importantly is the 1st Stable coin fixed at the exchange rate 1:1 to USD, focusing on markets in Asia.



UBank, the decentralized wallet and crypto exchange; is a stable, safe and transparent leading digital asset enhancement platform. It provides stable wealth management, secured storage and transparent trading service.



WBFEX was registered in Singapore, aimed to build the exchange that consists of the functions of trading, mining and assembling the exchange alliance ecosystem. Its vision is to build an exchange alliance where everyone is a super representative of their own. The exchange aims to assist communities, medias and individuals in building their own exchange platforms.  



Juxiang Capital was founded in 2018 in Shenzhen. Its sustainable vision is to connect and empower different industries. It is positioned as an integrated financial service provider, where it focuses on tokenization enhancement for entities, incubation service, and digital asset investment consultations etc.

Juxiang Finance was founded in 2018 in Shenzhen, where they set their goal in becoming the leading digital economy news publish media platform. It provides advisory consultation and incubation etc. through its massive amount of resources of capitals and projects.



Stable Coin DUSD, decentralized wallet UBank, Juxiang Finance, Juxiang Capital had held their launching ceremonies at WBF World Blockchain Forum Shenzhen. It also was seen as a sign that WBF is becoming the largest blockchain resource aggregation platform and the top pick for roadshows.

On the other hand, WBA World Blockchain Awards Asia had augmented the atmosphere of the venue.

WBA had invited Mr Ramesh Ramadoss, the CEO of BitCasas and Co-Chair of IEEE Blockchain Initiative to be the presenter of the ‘ Innovative Blockchain Project of the Year’. The Winners were: Litecoin, NEO, Ontology (ONT), Vechain, Hashgard, Ubank, Bitbeta, Decentraland, ArcadierX & Rapidash.

Mr Aly Madhavji, the Managing Partner of Blockchain Founders Fund and the Advisor at Ploymath was presenting ‘Prominent Investment Institution of the Year’. Winners include Fenbushi Capital, Danhua Capital, IDG Capital, Transference Fund, Ceyuan Ventures, ZhenFund, JRR Capital, Fundamental Labs, BN Capital and Draper Dragon.



Ms. Jokia Yin, the Co-Founder & COO of WBF events was invited to be the presenter for ‘Innovative Media of the Year’.

Winners: Miunews, Liantuan, Crypto-Circle, Liancaijing, Zilian, BeiPoP, BOUND, Yangtuoqki, Shenliancaijing, CNNCJ, Xiaoniuqingbao, Tuoluo Caijing, Bolian Finance, BB Finance, Bechain Times, CryptoValley Live, JGY NEWS, REDCJ, Daxiang and ChainClub.



Ms. Jokia Yin, the Co-Founder & COO of WBF events was invited to be the presenter for ‘Outstanding Media of the Year’.

Winners: BK.NEWS, Block 360, North America Finance, Hash World, Lianshijie, Honglian, Bibaodao, Yunshi, Weilaicaijing, Jinbei Finance, Gravity Blockchain, Future Media, FOXE, ChainHoo, Wuliucaijing, KG, Dolphin Blockchain, BIMAWEN, Xiyue Asset Management, LotusChain Finance.



Co-Founder & COO of WBF Event Jokia Yin presented the ‘ Creative Overseas TV Show of the Year’ to the winner.

Winner: BlockBattle



The end of the World Blockchain Awards Ceremony also marked the successful closure of the event.

WBF is the resource aggregation platform providing services of global media publish, roadshows and fundraising etc. We have never stopped moving forward and we will never forget our mission. We aim to become the greatest resource assembler utilized by all blockchain enthusiasts and practitioners internationally, so that we move forward with the hottest trends during the coldest winter.

WBF Shenzhen, as the first conference hosted by WBF in 2019 had come to a perfect closure. The closure of this conference however is the start of the global tour of WBF. The next conference will take place in Singapore on June 24-25. We hope to bring you another great event where we all share our insights and learn from others.




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