What are the Benefits of Investing in ICOs

Initial Coin offerings are one of the means which leads to an increase in the funds for a new digital currency based application. It has done a lot of good for blockchain technology. This is an event that has an extension over a duration of seven days or more, in which everybody has an allowance to buy fresh offered tokens in place of the well-established virtual currencies.



Advantages of ICOs for Founders, Investors & Cryptocurrency community

  • This is an awesome method to bootstrap a blockchain based project and gain out the initial capital mandatorily in order to have a professional team and start with.
  • ICOs are having a comparatively lower price with respect to conventional pricing mechanism and therefore, it becomes easy for people to be a part. Also, the customized token can be generated by using out the popular digital cryptocurrencies.
  • Each of an ICO is a unique and distinct one. The cost per coin is totally different, the ways of buying change, and the timeline may be quick or slow as compared to other Initial coin offerings. It is just to educate you to make a smart investment.



  • There is a tendency to get an instant feedback from the marketplace as to whether your thoughts are having some kind of support from the people. This will lead to an ease in your marketing strategy over a huge audience with a small effort. Hence, the potential investors explore about a specific one through online advertisements, business website, social media and many more.
  • The fundraising chance is fast, easy as well as efficient. The price dealt with marketing Initial coin offerings are less as compared to the popular mechanisms that are being used. Also, it’s hosting bounds to occupy less time. Furthermore, its model provides built-in customer bases and positive interconnection efforts for decentralized uses.
  • Its concept can help in shaping the future of entire ecosystem. There is a broader range of projects raising funds through ICO, and every single one focuses to bring something fresh. Also, they raise a lot of money in their process.



  • You make a connection with lots of business-oriented people as well as investors at one place. Even the trading platform you make will provide out the popular and most demanding launches. So, it will be easily identifiable to the global enterprise.
  • Initial Coin offerings have an advantage of avoidance of legal fees and other compliance necessities and can be much less heavily regulated.
  • This has given an allowance to the projects to circumvent the old ways of asking banks or venture capitalists that may consume a lot of time and resources. Any individual can trade and possibly gain high returns.



Future Trends

There are lots of advantages to Initial coin offerings. The tech-savvy community has a high potential in the blockchain technologies and there is a huge demand for crypto-tokens to buy the products provided by the enterprise. There is a chance to combine with other companies for expansion and increase the branding. Also, this will give an assurance of sales that will continue to pay dividends well in the upcoming future.


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