Why an EOT HODL might be a great idea…

Staking or holding a coin is one of the ways for a crypto investor to grow his portfolio while waiting for prices to move.


The first 6 months of 2018 has been slow for growth in crypto prices so what does the crypto investor do in times like these. This is where staking can be a valuable addition to any portfolio.


Why hold EOT?

There are a few reasons why we think this could be a viable strategy and we list them below…


What is EOT?


EOT is a fully fledged open source cryptocurrency and is decentralized.  EOT coin has been developed for IoT (Internet of Things) such as devices and applications connected to the internet, and other products to secure and authenticate data. EOT has its own blockchain en can be mined by any interested party. More on EOT mining here: –  EOT Mining information




EOT Business Case

EOT has a very strong business case with multiple EOT use cases under development, read the EOT  Business Case here.


EOT is undervalued

The EOT price has been following the downward trend of the wider cryptocurrency market over the last few months and the price is in our view not reflecting the underlying value of the developments taking place with EOT.  There could be a major upward move in EOT when the market starts re-adjusting crypto value in the second half of 2018.


Daily EOT income for holders

EOTwalllet.com initiated an EOT holding program which airdrops 0.7% of the value of EOT held in one of their wallets on a daily basis. This equates to more than 25% per year unadjusted for composite growth.  This is a great growth percentage for EOT holders and protects against downside movement of up to 40%. So if you purchase EOT at current prices and hold it, with the growth you will receive, there is a very limited downside.

Furthermore, there is no holding period and now coins are tied up. You can withdraw you coins from the program at any time.



Recent EOT developments

Besides the developments covered in the business case, set out above, there has been a number of other developments in the last month that has built EOT adoption massively and as we all know it is long-term adoption that drives the value of a currency. Here are some of the recent developments.


  • EOTwallet.com has signed up more than 12 000 new users and the business is growing daily with more users opening wallets consistently.


  • EOTfaucet.com has distributed more than 10 Million EOT’s to the market, fueling a lot of the growth in new wallet adopters above.


  • Airdroppers.me has been running a continuous weekly Airdrop campaign and well as 24 hour “Flashdrops”


  • EOT Bandit’s and EOT Blackjack games were launched that created another use case for EOT.  Click here to PLAY   An exciting development has been the addition of a progressive EOT Jackpot starting at 50K EOT and growing daily.  You can also win Litcoin with EOT with a Bandit or Blackjack here: – LTCbandit


  • We believe these efforts are putting more EOT in the hands of the greater community and are driving adoption which will eventually drive up prices.



How to start…

So how do you become an EOT Hodler?


Open an EOT Wallet

It is very easy to open a free wallet at EOTwallet.com. Just click here and complete the registration fee.


Claim Free EOT

Start claiming some free EOT by going to the Faucet page here: – EOT Faucet



If you are really serious about EOT why not purchase some and hold in your EOTwallet.com wallet. You can start here at the EOT Shop for as little as $1.00… Who knows how big that $1.00 can grow?

Don’t procrastinate, start today while prices are still at a giveaway level.

Click here to start...


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