Why most People will Never be Great at Database Backup Service

Despite which software you use, periodical data loss at the backup level is inevitable. Human error or negligence cause almost all data loss. Some people are more likely to cause data loss than others. Whether the loss is intentional or accidental, the effects of data loss on the company are debilitating.


The personnel managing data, especially at the backup level, should be well vetted to maintain integrity in this crucial area. Since many small companies do not outsource database backup services, it is vital for them to train the personnel in data management.


The following reasons will explain why many people do not succeed in data backup services.


1 Lack of sufficient monitoring process

Although a lack of proper monitoring can not cause actual data loss, timely and complete tracking can prevent data loss in the future. Many people ignore surveillance assuming everything is okay.


2 Misconfiguration during backup

Personnel manning Database backup services should always remember the company is growing. More and more raw data will find its way to the backup system in the course of time. During the initial stages of the company, more space was available for data storage and management, but as the data increases, a misconfiguration can occur.  

A typical scenario is when renewing a database, and the recovery log is full. Such data is lost forever and to make matters worse, nobody will realize this until when it is needed.



3 Missing data backup alerts

Data backup systems send signals when the integrity of the stored is compromised. These alerts are mostly in emails. People tend to ignore occasional emails. This can cause irreparable damage to the company. Such signals need to be integrated with mobile phone messages and be sent directly to the top management.  Frequent the data backups should for proper functioning.


4 Sheer laziness and indifference

Some employees are just slow and lazy. They may fail to pick a virus attack in stored data thereby causing an expensive mistake. Simple procedures like proper switching off of computer after use can lead to power outages which can corrupt the system.


5 Theft and malicious damage

Losing data together with hardware is a horrible experience in any business. Let reputable security companies protect the database backup services. Laxity by the security department can lead to expensive data loss. It is prudent to hold a security drill so that the security department can remain alert. In case of calamities like fire and earthquake, unambiguous retrieval of essential materials is necessary. Saved data is one of the most critical assets of the company.


Human beings are prone to errors. Minimize personnel errors by using software where possible. Automation of some of the human duties can also help. Train all employees on the importance of data in the company and necessary ways of saving and retrieving data.


Source: Ottomatik


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