World’s first Real Estate Blockchain Expo to take place in Seoul during September 2018


Real Estate Blockchain Expo 2018 (RBE 2018), the world’s first real estate blockchain expo, will be held in Seoul during September. The expo aims to provide an opportunity for the crypto world to demonstrate how the blockchain technology will integrate with the real estate industry.



In a recent interview with Korea Economic Daily, Roger Ver, CEO of said:-

Blockchain technology will not only affect financial markets. From now on, blockchain technology will also impact real estate transactions, smart city planning, and other areas in the real estate industry.”


The theme of the conference is Fourth Industrial Revolution and Global Real Estate Development Trend”, hosted by Korea Economic Daily and Hankyung Real Estate Research Institute, FIABCI-KOREA.


According to The Korean Economic Daily, which is rated as ‘the most reliable economic newspaper’ by its readers, they reported:

More than 50 companies, research institutions and governmental organizations from more than 20 countries are set to participate in RBE 2018 to showcase the latest technology, trends and business opportunities from blockchain as well as its on-going convergence within the real estate industry.”


Participants in the RBE 2018 are government / local government / public institutions, construction companies, real estate developers, real estate finance, sale companies, hotels, leisure and the 4th industry. Other related companies such as interior companies, housing companies, building materials companies, well aging-related companies, smart home, smart office, ICT and IOT companies will also be in attendance.


As Realty Expo Korea 2018 (REK 2018) is the only international real estate expo in Korea, it is not to be missed. Besides the various events planned such as the global real estate summit, new product demonstrations and real estate investing seminars, REK 2018 aims to attract “large-scale investments into global real estate development projects” as well as the latest real estate technology and trends will be showcased.



Participants can apply via the following link: RBE 2018




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