How to make in excess of $10k per month with your own Social Media Marketing Agency

How would you like to make in excess of $10k per month with your own Social Media Marketing Agency?


This might sound like a lot of money. It might even sound out of reach to some people.  

If you are interested in (and passionate about) Digital Marketing, and are prepared to work smart, hard and follow a proven step-by-step plan, then it is possible that you could consider starting your own Digital Marketing Agency.


A successful agency will generate a tremendous amount of business income and grow over time butt you have to know how to do it correctly.


Why Start a Digital Marketing Agency?


Are you ready to quit your job, become your own boss and generate serious revenue? If so, then starting a digital marketing agency may be the perfect option for you.


You will  find that your local area is likely a customer-rich environment.


Businesses are desperately trying to adapt to new-world technology. However most of them  just don’t understand how the game works.


They know that almost every one of their customers is carrying around a smartphone, and that the internet and social media, especially Instagram and Facebook has become the new hunting-ground for clients and consumers because of this, business owners are struggling to figure out how to best use these new technologies to expand their business.



That’s where you come in.


Many businesses have already starting doing the ‘traditional’ online things. Design a website, advertise events online, market sales and/or products through an online store, supply an online shopping cart so that customers can make purchases from their own devices, etc.


Businesses are also getting relatively good at sharing information about themselves online. They may upload menus, personalize their social networks, or even try their hand at blogging!


But despite these well-meant attempts, most local businesses are still finding it difficult (if not impossible) to bring in traffic to their online presence.


The truth is that there is a reason for why their attempts are failing. But odds are also good that they simply do not understand how to fix it.


But what if you do? What if you can fix the problem for them?


You can help these businesses stand out, engage and connect with customers online and in doing so, you can also reap incredible financial rewards for your expertise.



Selling your services locally is a simple process because you have the home-ground advantage.


You, as the marketer, can meet with them face-to-face and represent yourself like a true professional.


This will set you miles apart from spam emails sent by virtual assistants and  it will also give you the power to develop the skills that earn the most money.


If follow the process and  really help local businesses, this model will give you the tools and the skillsets to make it work.


Make no mistake,this is going to take some hard work hard work but the getting to $10 000 a month sounds pretty good doesn‘t it?



How to start.


There are a many ways to start, there are a number of online courses and coaches available that will promise you overnight success but with all of these you are really left out in the cold on your own to make a success of this business.


What we offer at BMDM is a not only access to a step-by-step process but you are working with an organisation that has a proven international and local digital marketing track record and portfolio.


Why you should consider becoming a BMDM associate


As a BMDM  associate you keep your independence as an entrepreneur but you gain access to a support network that will help you to succeed.


Start your own Digital Marketing Agency… with support!


Here is what you get as an associate.


  • You get assigned an exclusive are in which you operate and BMDM will send any leads obtained back to you. You are also allowed to brand yourself as a BMDM associate.


  • Full training will be provided by to all associates which includes the following:
    1. How to get leads and clients
    2. How  to negotiate with and set pricing with clients
    3. How to set up and manage social media pages for these clients
    4. How to manage social media advertising
    5. How to create marketing funnels
    6. How to create a messenger list and automated messaging for clients
    7. “How to Dominate Your Local Market” training course.


  • Templates:
    1. Client contracts
    2. Invoices
    3. Marketing Presentations
    4. Marketing Funnels


  • Social Media Account Network

BMDM  has built a proprietary network of Social Media accounts and this network continues to grow. As an associate your social media business and all your customers will be featured and promoted on the BMDM Network of accounts


  • FB Group

Access to a secret FB group with advanced training and other content to help grow your business.


  • Ongoing training support

Unlike a training course which ends at the end of the course, associates get ongoing training and support.



So, if you are interested, you can start today before your exclusive area is snapped up by someone else.


Message us here if you are interested to start:


Anyone with a desire to succeed and the ability to work hard can do this. So don’t delay, contact us right now