Crypto For Show – CoinDeal branding on Wolves shirt sleeves a first for English Premiership


After a thrilling Soccer World Cup in Russia just a few weeks ago, the Premiership is about to kick off on Friday. Leading up to the Premiership, news broke that English Premier League football club Wolverhampton Wanderers (Wolves) will be sponsored by Cyprus-based cryptocurrency exchange  CoinDeal.




Off the back of this news, Carlos Grenoir, CEO of specialized sports social network Olyseum, shared his thoughts on the mainstream use of crypto and whether having a crypto exchange promoted by a football club will onboard more people to crypto.



Carlos commented:

Regarded as one of the most-watched sports leagues in the world, the Premier League has the potential to reach millions of people worldwide, and with CoinDeal becoming the very first digital currency exchange platform to feature in the Premiership, it is a step in the right direction for cryptocurrencies in gaining mainstream adoption. 

The CoinDeal logo will feature on all of Wolves’ training kits which should help drive increased awareness and education around CoinDeal and cryptocurrencies in general. If we are to gain mainstream adoption, it’s important that people learn to see beyond price volatility and speculation, and instead focus on the real-life disruptive potential of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

This is a smart, strategic move from CoinDeal and I believe we will see more companies in the blockchain space follow suit.”




Looking back at our trip to Molineux Stadium in Wolverhampton, where our founder and CEO, Kajetan Maćkowiak, signed the historic document making CoinDeal a very first digital currency exchange platform in the Premier League” posted CoinDeal


We are proud to be a sponsor of such a big football club as Wolverhampton Wanderers FC!” stated Kajetan Maćkowiak


This sponsorship will certainly be huge exposure for CoinDeal and cryptocurrency.  Go Wolves!


About Olyseum:

Olyseum is a collaborative and specialized, blockchain-based, social network created by sport leaders for sport lovers. Created by former FC Barcelona players Carles Puyol, Iván de la Peña and Andrés Iniesta, Olyseum bridges the gap between dedicated sports fans and their heroes.

Founded in 2016, Olyseum creates a common space where sporting idols and fans can interact and engage, creating valuable content, conversations, and insights that users are in turn rewarded for. The use of blockchain technology further empowers members to take ownership of their data on a secure and transparent user-driven platform.

The Olyseum network was born out of a shared desire between Iniesta, Puyol, and de la Peña to forge closer, meaningful fan relationships with guidance and leadership from expert technologists, Carlos Grenoir and Kevin Mitnick. With the incorporation of blockchain technology, Olyseum is planning to introduce an incentive program powered by smart contracts to deliver the most rewarding experience for fans contributing to the community.



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