Cryptocurrency Mining with Innovative Immersion Cooling launched by ComBox

Mining-products based on immersion cooling introduced by ComBox Technology


ComBox Technology, an International company, developer and manufacturer of immersion cooling systems for industrial mining and solving science-driven tasks announced the launch of an innovative solution with GPUs, cards which are operational in Novec 3M fluid.



SMART Board for Immersion cooling

The board is designed for Immersion cooling of 6 GPU installed directly on the board. It controls all necessary parameters of Immersion cooling with embedded processor. All components are allocated close to each other to achieve extremely high density of computing power per square cm.


SMART Board for Immersion cooling – ComBox



SMART Backplane for 6 PCIe GPU

The board is designed for connecting of 6 GPU based cards and one more SMART PCI backplane to one PCIe slot. Onboard processor can turn on and off power supply, control voltage and humidity. It also controls cooling system by regulating up to 4 external fans. Any slot can be disabled with command from system. All collected data is sent to motherboard through PCIe.


ComBox AC (Air Cooling), 480 GPUs



ComBox IC (Immersion Cooling), 960 GPUs

The next stage of COMBOX system is based on Immersion Cooling. Computing power is increased up to 960 GPUs in 20 foot container and will be improved to 1920 pcs. No any GPU fans, no dust. COMBOX IC is based on COMBOX AC and also consists of SCU and Server.


ComBox IC (Immersion Cooling), 960 GPUs



For more information on this revolutionary technology, watch the video below and visit ComBox website



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